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HP Laser Printer Diagrams Now Available Online With Extensive Part Number And Item Descriptions

HP Laser Printer Schematics Now Available Online With Extensive Part Number And Item Descriptions

In an effort to make your HP printer parts online ordering experience even easier, Metrofuser has released online printer diagrams for several key model groups. These diagrams, which feature exploded schematics of every section of the printer, are intended to make sure you are confident that you are ordering the part you really need.

These diagrams give a visual of how each part is positioned in the printer. This is invaluable information when trying to identify the part you are looking to order. Each diagram consists of an exploded view of each assembly in the printer, as well as a table that lists the part number and description of the HP printer parts included in the diagram (Figure 2-6).

HP Laser Printer Diagrams Now Available Online With Extensive Part Number And Item Descriptions

Printer Parts can be identified locating the call out number in the printer diagram and checking he table below which reveals the part number and description (Figure 2-6).

This is our initial roll out of these diagrams, which includes several of HP’s most popular model families. We will be releasing a new model group every month, to add to the 25 model groups we have already released. They are:

  • HP LaserJet M452 M377 M477 Laser Printer

  • HP LaserJet M601 M602 M603 Laser Printer

  • HP LaserJet M604 M605 M606 Laser Printer

  • HP LaserJet M607 M608 M609 Laser Printer

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 MFP M521 M525 Laser Printer

  • HP M402 M403 M426 M427 Laser Printer

  • HP M651 M680 Printer Laser Printer

  • HP M652 M653 M681 M682 E65050, E65060, E67550dh, E67560z Printer Laser Printer MFP

  • HP M401 M425 Laser Printer

  • More

How to access the HP laser printer parts diagrams

  1. Go to Metrofuser's website at www.metrofuser.com.

  2. Click on Blog.

  3. Select the model you are try to locate from the "More" drop down menu

  4. Alternatively you can search for the model in the search box provided.

  5. You will see a list of the printer models we currently have diagrams for. Clicking any of the models will bring up a list of diagrams available for that model.

How to access the HP laser printer parts diagrams

The diagrams can be viewed on our website by everyone, but if you would like to see price and availability for each part, you need a login. To obtain one, visit our website at www.metrofuser.com and click on the “Advantages!” text on the top right.

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