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Resetting the Color Plane Registration on HP Color LaserJet Printers

Updated: Mar 7, 2019

Color Plane Registration (CPR) Malfunction

Although the likelihood of color misregistration issues being

caused by firmware is small, it is still a good idea to update the

firmware before beginning to troubleshoot these issues. It’s easy to do

and won’t cost you anything.

Colors can naturally and gradually become misaligned over

extended periods of use or when a component such as the transfer kit,

DC controller, formatter are replaced. These color misalignment or

misregistration issues can usually be corrected by performing a full

calibration (or several in some cases) from the control panel. If,

however, the full calibration does not resolve these color

misregistration issues, you can perform a reset of the color registration

parameters stored on the DC Controller. This will reset them and force

the printer to check and rewrite these parameters.

To reset the DC controller’s color registration parameters, turn

the printer on and allow it to reach the ready state. Open the printer’s

toner access door. Press the engine test button (its location varies by

printer, check service manual for exact location) for five to ten

seconds. Release the engine test button then close the toner access

door. If the printer does not automatically begin calibrating, perform a

full calibration using the control panel. When it is finished calibrating,

print a supplies status page and check the toner gauge/box for each

color on the page to ensure that all four colors are perfectly contained

within those boxes.

If you still find the colors to be misaligned, turn the printer off

and back on again. Perform a cold reset and calibrate one more time

then print and inspect a supply status page. If colors are still

misaligned, try performing an NVRAM initialization (this process varies

by printer, check service manual for specific procedure). If colors are

still misaligned after all this, it may be necessary to replace the

transfer kit or check the physical alignment of the laser scanner


These guidelines apply to HP’s vertically stacked single pass print

engines (i.e. 4600, 4700, 5500, etc.).

Image and Text Color Malfunction Print Sample
Image and Text Color Malfunction Print Sample

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