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HP Laser Printer Cold Weather Precautions and Suggestions

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Cold weather climate plays a considerate role in printer performance. As the seasons change, and there is crispness in the air that almost feels like electricity. There is! It’s static, and it is one of many things that can cause print problems for your customers this winter. Here are a few simple tips to follow:

HP Laser Printer Cold Weather Precautions and Suggestions
HP Laser Printer Cold Weather Precautions and Suggestions

Cold HP Laser Printer Installation and Setup

When a printer has been shipped to you from a cold-weather area, be sure to let the printer warm to room temperature. Turning it on right away could be harmful. Remove the printer from the shipping material and let it sit for about two hours before powering it on. This allows it to reach room temperature, and gives internal condensation a chance to evaporate.

Lack Of Humidity

Static build-up in office equipment is a winter concern for people that live in a cold-weather climate. Air in heated rooms can become very dry. Many printer manuals indicate the acceptable relative humidity as being 20% – 80% for printing, but 40% – 60% may be more accurate. If in doubt, it’s time to get a humidifier.

Expected Laser Print Problems

Static build-up can have a dramatic effect on print quality. Since laser printers use static to charge the drum and attract toner from the drum to the paper, the presence of excess static can interfere with the print process and cause problems such as Light or dark streaks, background haze, faded or extra-bold print or even light and dark blotches.

Cold Weather Laser Printer Suggestions

In addition to interfering with the print process, you can damage components when it discharges. We recommend stocking these static-sensitive components during the winter months:

  • High Voltage Power Supply

  • Transfer Roller

  • Transfer Belts ITB ETB

  • DC Controller

  • Laser Scanner

  • Formatter and Logic Board

  • Toner Cartridge

Faulty high voltage power supply cables are more likely to fail when there is static build-up so stock them as well.

All laser printers are susceptible to static build-up, no matter the OEM. When maintaining laser printers during the winter, use anti-static wipes to clean inside the machine as well as the outside panels. This is not guaranteed to completely eliminate static, but it helps.

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