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HP Future Smart Firmware Upgrade Instructions

These firmware files require an interactive update method. You CANNOT update these Product(s)/Model(s) using the traditional FTP, LPR or Port 9100 methods of upgrading. Please use one of the following methods listed below to update the firmware of the device.

HP Future Smart firmware upgrade
HP Future Smart firmware upgrade

HP FutureSmart firmware is a unique and powerful operating system that enables your HP LaserJet and HP PageWide enterprise devices to be more useful and productive, today and well into the future.

NOTE: The upgrade process may take 10 or more minutes to complete. Please do not interrupt the updating process.

Upgrade HP FutureSmart over time, similar to a PC’s operating system with service packs or major new functionality releases. Get consistent, intuitive user controls across devices. Seamlessly incorporate paper documents with your digital content right from your device. Provides simple, sophisticated productivity with improved workflow and fewer steps. Easily install updates on your schedule.

Installation Instructions

NOTE: Please be aware that an update in some circumstance may require ten minutes or more to complete.

1 Open web browser page

2 Go to http://www.hp.com

3 Select the “Support and Drivers” link http://www.hp.com/#Support

4 In search box enter product name i.e. M608

5 Select exact printer out of search results list shown

6 Do not select from the list of Operating Systems but select Cross operating system (BIOS, Firmware, Diagnostics, etc.)

7 Locate the upgrade for Windows and Download to Desktop (easiest)

8 Open and unzip file. You can send the firmware update to a device at any time; the device will wait for all I/O channels to become idle before cycling power.

Please print a configuration page prior to performing any firmware update.

The firmware file will be in the following file format “xxxxxxx.bdl” where “xxx” indicates the firmware file name and the “.bdl” is the files extension.

Embedded Web Server: (control panel is at a Ready

Screen) after uncompromising the file you will see an xxxxxxx.bdl file.

1 Open an Internet Browser Window.

2 Enter the IP address in the URL line.

3 Select the Firmware Upgrade link from within the Troubleshooting tab.

NOTE: If you get a warning screen please read and follow instructions for setting an

Administrator password within the Security Tab. 

4. Browse to the location that the firmware upgrade file was downloaded to, and then select the firmware file. Select the Install button to perform the upgrade.

NOTE: Do not close the Browser Window or interrupt communication until the Embedded Web

Server displays the Confirmation Page.

5. Select Restart now from the EWS confirmation page, or turn the product off and then on again using the power switch. The printer will not automatically reboot.

Once the printer or MFP is back online, print a Configuration Page and verify that the new firmware has been installed.

Preboot walkup USB thumb drive: (control panel Preboot menu) after uncompressing the file you will see a xxxxxxx.bdl file.

1. Copy the xxxxxxx.bdl file to a portable USB flash memory storage device (thumb drive) in the root


2. Turn the HP laser printer ON.

3. Press the Stop button when the Ready, Data and Attention LEDs illuminate solid.

4. Press the Down button to highlight Administrator, and then press OK.

5. Press the Down button to highlight Download, and then press OK.

6. Insert the portable USB storage device with the xxxxxxx.bdl file on it.

7. Press the Down button to highlight USB Thumb drive, and then press OK.

8. Press the Down button to highlight the xxxxxxx.bdl file, and then press OK.