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HP Color Plane Registration Problems CPR on 3600 3800 3505 4600 4650 4700 4005 5500 5550 Printers

HP Color Plane Registration (CPR) Problems

HP Color Printer 3600 3800 3505 4600 4650  4700 4005 5500 5550 Plane Registration (CPR) Problems
HP Color Printer 3600 3800 3505 4600 4650 4700 4005 5500 5550 Plane Registration (CPR) Problems

Most common HP printers involved: СМ1015, 1017, 2600, 2605, 3000, 3600, 3800, 3505, 4600, 4650, 4700, 4005, 5500, 5550 and a number of higher end single pass HP color printers.

Problem: Color Plane Registration (CPR) Problems can happen at a time or after replacing a major printer components like the printer laser scanner assembly, DC controller or formatter board. Changes to any of these printer parts can cause the colors to print out of alignment.

In these HP printers, the DC controller along with formatter stores the scan parameters for each of the laser scanners. When one is changed, the stored settings are applied to the new component so in some cases may have one or more colors shifted in any X or Y axis compared to the other colors. When this occurs, most technicians utilize the "CALIBRATE NOW" function from the printer menus which we have had minimal success with.

How To Perform The HP Printer DC controller calibration reset:

  1. Have the HP printer in the ready state.

  2. Open the printer's toner access cover.

  3. Press and hold engine test button for 5 seconds.

  4. Close the printer's toner access cover.

Run the "CALIBRATE NOW" function From the printer's internal menu. In some cases, we found you would have to power cycle the printer (off/on) for the reset to work. If this listed procedure does not correct the CPR problem, perform a COLD RESET and secondly an NVRAM RESET

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