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HP Color LaserJet MFP E87640 E87650 E87660 Printer Error Code or Control Panel Messages Lookup

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

HP E87640 E87650 E87660 Color LaserJet Managed MFP Printer Error Code Message

  • E87640 Z8Z12A Z8Z13A

  • E87650 Z8Z14A Z8Z15A

  • E87660 Z8Z16A Z8Z17A

HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E87640 E87650 E87660 Printer Error Code or Control Panel Messages
HP Color LaserJet Managed MFP E87640 E87650 E87660 Printer Error Code or Control Panel Messages

Error code and printer control panel message troubleshooting

HP E87640 E87650 E87660 Printer Error codes

Error codes and control-panel messages display on the printer control panel to indicate the current printer status or situations that might require action. Error codes are numerical, or alphanumerical, and have a set structure

with six characters (example: 13.WX.YZ).

  • The first two characters are numeric and represent the system component that is causing the error. For example, in error code 10.22.15, 10 = Supplies for HP LaserJets.

  • The remaining four characters (WX, Y, and Z values) further define the error.

HP LaserJet printer error codes are documented in the control panel message document

(CPMD) for each printer. The CPMD is a comprehensive list of error codes, diagnostic and troubleshooting steps to clear or resolve the error, and other helpful information such as service mode pins and part numbers. The CPMD is continually updated and republished with the latest information for the following error codes.

Table 2 E87640 E87650 E87660 ERROR CODES: The first two characters

Error code System Component System Error Description

  • 10.WX.YZ Supplies (LaserJet) Supply error or supply memory error.

  • 11.WX.YZ Real-time clock Internal error with the clock on the formatter.

  • 13.WX.YZ Jam (LaserJet) Paper jam or open door jam error.

  • 15.WX.YZ Jam (PageWide) Paper jam or open door jam error.

  • 17.WX.YZ Supplies (PageWide) Supply error or supply memory error.

  • 20.WX.YZ Printer memory ,insufficient memory or buffering error.

  • 21.WX.YZ Page Page complexity causing a decompression error when trying to process job.

  • 30.WX.YZ Scanner Flatbed scanner error occurring inside the unit.

  • 31.WX.YZ Document feeder Document feeder, scanner, or jam error.

  • 32.WX.YZ Backup, restore, or reset Backup, restore, or reset notification or error.

  • 33.WX.YZ Security Backup, Disk, EFI BIOS, Firmware integrity (SureStart), or error.

  • 40.WX.YZ Input/Output (I/O) Partition manager, secure erase, or USB accessory error.

  • 41.WX.YZ Fuser, Laser scanner, or Paper path Miscellaneous error including general and misprint or mismatch errors typically involving (but not limited to) the fuser, the laser scanner, or the paper path.

  • 42.WX.YZ Firmware Firmware failure involving the Event Log, Shell, System Manager, or other component.

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