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Carousel Indexing Procedure for HP Color LaserJet 1500 2500 2550 Legacy Printers

Updated: May 25, 2019

One key problem seen on the HP Color Laser 1500 2500 2550 Series shows itself by difficulty in installing or removing the printer's toner cartridges, images fading from one side to the other, or blank pages without error code display.

These symptoms could be caused by rough handling while installing or removing toner cartridges.

Rarely needed, straightening the tabs of the rotary drive assembly solenoid plate might be required if this procedure does not cure the symptoms.

Removing the HP Color Laser 1500 2500 2550 printer's imaging unit

1. Open the top cover.

2. Grasp the middle of the imaging unit.

3. Push the unit rearward to position it for removal.

4. Lift the imaging unit from the machine.

CAUTION: When handling the imaging unit, be careful not to touch the transfer belt at the base of the assembly.

Removing side covers NOTE: The following procedure applies to either

1. Remove one 3-mm panhead screw from the lower hand-hold of the side cover.

2. Pull outward slightly at the base to free the side cover at the bottom.

3. Lift the front edge of the side cover to unhook plastic latches along the top edge of the side cover.

Removing the HP Color Laser 1500 2500 2550 I/O cover

1. Unhook the plastic latch at the top of the I/O cover.

2. Using your finger, unhook the plastic latch at the inside top I/O position under the rear cover. Figure 3, left photo.

3. Pull the I/O cover rearward at the top and lift the cover from the foot at its bottom. Figure 3, right photo.

Removing the HP Color Laser 1500 2500 2550 rear cover

1. Pry under the plastic latch, one at each upper corner of the rear cover as shown in the upper photo of Figure 4.

2. Rotate the top of the rear cover back, then lower the cover from the machine as in the lower photo of Figure 4.

Removing top cover

1. Open the top cover and unhook the tab on the cover rack gear and remove the gear from below the rack.

2. Free the top cover rack from its guide pin.

3. Remove three top cover screws, one on the left and two on the right.

4. Lift up on the top cover assembly and remove it from the machine.

Re indexing carousel gears

1. Locate the rotary drive assembly solenoid at the top right of the printer.

2. Using a small tool, lift and suspend the solenoid plate to release the carousel lock.

3. While holding the rotary drive assembly solenoid plate suspended, move the carousel.

4. Under each side of the carousel, observe the indexing marks.

Correct carousel indexing for right and left. Note the two inward facing pins of white gears should span the carousel index mark on each side.

5. Grasp the black carousel gear and pull it inward while pushing outward on the white gear. When the gears separate enough to skip teeth, rotate the white gear around in the proper direction to correctly index the carousel.

6. Repeat Step 5 for the opposite side of the carousel if needed.

7. Recheck indexing and repeat Step 5 for correction if needed.

8. Reassemble the printer and test.

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