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HP CLJ 4600/4650/5500/5550 Series: Why Won’t My Toner Shutters Open?

When your HP CLJ 4600 4650 5500 5550 toner shutters do not open, what should you do? no image on the paper or the paper will jam two inches onto the transfer belt.

HP CLJ 4600/4650/5500/5550 Series:Why Won’t My Toner Shutters Open?
HP CLJ 4600/4650/5500/5550 Series:Why Won’t My Toner Shutters Open?

Often, technicians will replace the rollers and the pick-up assembly and the transfer

belt when instead, all that is needed is to free up a mechanism. Luckily there is a very simple fix that takes only 5 minutes:

Begin by removing all of the toner cartridges inside the printer.

  • Next, locate the plate that lifts to open the shutters (Figures 1 and 2).

  • Lift up on this plate for each of the colors, and repeat a couple times, making sure you lift up on the plate for each of the four colors.

  • Next, install the toner cartridges and close the ETB assembly partially. Observe whether the shutters are opening.

If this solution does not work, then something might be broken or disconnected. In that case, you will have to remove the left side cover and all of the cartridge drive assemblies to allow inspection of the mechanism that lifts these up.

Usually this is not necessary as very rarely is something actually physically-damaged. Most technicians who contact us are in disbelief that the fix is really quite this simple.

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