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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

HP 5000 MAINTENANCE KIT INSTRUCTIONS The following parts are included in this maintenance kit: 1 HP 5000 Series Fuser RG5-3528 1 Transfer Roller RG5-3579 1 Tray 1 Pick Up Roller RB2-1820 1 Tray 1 Separation Pad RF5-2400 1 Tray 2 Pick Up Roller RB2-1821 1 Tray 2 Separation Pad RG9-1310 2 Latex Gloves

Damage to the core can occur if it is packaged incorrectly. Re use this packaging to ship the core back.A core charge will be applied if the core is received in non-repairable condition. ★ ★ ★ ★ WA R N I N G ★ ★ ★ ★ Turn the printer off, unplug it, and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before performing these maintenance procedures.

Fuser Removal & Installation: 1. Remove the paper tray and toner cartridge from the printer. 2. Turn the printer around so that the rear is facing you. 3. Open the rear door by pushing inward on its left and right side levers. 4. Remove the rear door support strip by pinching it at the top and pulling it from the printer’s frame. 5. Slide the rear door to the left and remove it from the printer. 6. Unfasten the two hex screws at the left and right side of the fuser. 7. Grab the two green levers at the rear of the fuser and lift it slightly upwards while pulling the fuser out toward the rear of the printer. It may be necessary to gently pry upward on the fuser to free it from the two detents. The left side of the fuser may require more force to separate it from the printer. 8. Install replacement fuser in reverse fashion. Be sure that the left and right side green levers are in the upward position.

Transfer Roller Removal & Replacement: ★ Use The Latex Gloves When Replacing The Transfer Roller ★ 1. Turn the printer around so the front is facing you. 2. Open the top cover and locate the transfer roller. 3. Lift the small green handle on the far right side of the registration assembly. 4. Remove the two self tapping screws from the left and right side of the transfer guide. Lift and remove the transfer guide from the printer. 5. Using the blue cleaning brush located on the underside of the top cover, lift up on the gear at the right side of the transfer roller until it snaps free of its clip. Remove the transfer roller from the printer. 6. Install replacement transfer roller in reverse fashion.

Tray 1 Pick Up Roller & Tray 1 Separation Pad Replacement: 1. Open the top cover. Lift the green center handle on the registration assembly. Locate the pick up roller. 2. Pinch the clip on the inner right side of the pick up roller and slide it to the right. Lift and remove the pick up roller from the shaft. 3. Open the front cover and separate the paper guide tray from the inside of the front cover by releasing its left and right side guide pins. 4. Fully lower the front cover and remove it from the printer by sliding it to the right. 5. Fully lower the paper guide tray and remove it from the printer. 6. Looking into the front of the printer, locate the Tray 1 separation pad. Reach in through the top of the printer and push down on the separation pad. While pushing down, place a flathead screwdriver underneath the separation pad (through the front of the printer) and gently pry the separation pad until it pops out. Remove it from the printer. 7. Push down on the spring loaded separation pad mount and snap the new separation pad into place. Make sure the silver edge is facing the front of the printer. 8. Reinstall the paper guide tray and the front cover. 9. Drop the new Tray 1 pick up roller onto its shaft with its tabbed edge towards the left. Slide the pick up roller to the left until it locks in place then push the right side roller clip tight up against it. Tray 2 Pick Up Roller Replacement: 1. Turn the printer onto its left side. 2. Locate the main pick up roller on the underside of the printer. Pinch the clip and lift the top white plastic roller upward. Remove the pick up roller from the shaft. 3. Place the new pick up roller onto the shaft (with its nipple facing up) and lower the top white plastic roller until it snaps into place. 4. Return the printer to the upright position.

Tray 2 Separation Pad Replacement: 1. Remove all paper from the paper tray (Tray 2). 2. Gently pry the separation pad from the front of the paper tray using the edge of a flathead screwdriver. 3. Snap the new separation pad into place with the two arrows pointing toward the front of the paper tray.

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