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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

HP 4000 MAINTENANCE KIT INSTRUCTIONS The following parts are included in this maintenance kit: 1 HP 4000 Series Fuser RG5-2657 1 Transfer Roller RG5-4283 6 Feed/Separation Roller RF5-1885 1 Tray 1 Pick Up Roller Assembly RG5-3718 2 Latex Gloves

Damage to the core can occur if it is packaged incorrectly. Re use this packaging to ship the core back. A core charge will be applied if the core is received in non-repairable condition. ★ ★ ★ ★ WA R N I N G ★ ★ ★ ★

Turn the printer off, unplug it, and allow it to sit for 30 minutes before performing these maintenance procedures.

Fuser Removal & Installation: 1. Remove the paper tray and toner cartridge from the printer. 2. Turn the printer around so that the rear is facing you. 3. Open the rear door and remove it by slightly bending it in the middle so that its left and right hinges are free from the printer’s frame. 4. If the duplex unit is installed, remove it by sliding it out from the rear of the printer. If the duplex unit is not installed, remove the left and right duplexer covers from the rear of the printer by firmly pulling up and outward on the bottom of each. 5. Unfasten the two captive screws at the left and right side of the fuser. 6. Grab the fuser by the white plastic paper output guide and pull the fuser out from the rear of the printer. 7. Install replacement fuser in reverse fashion.

Transfer Roller Removal & Replacement: ★ Use The Latex Gloves When Replacing The Transfer Roller ★ 1. Turn the printer around so the front is facing you. 2. Open the top cover and locate the transfer roller. Note the blue gear is situated toward the left side. 3. Using the blue transfer roller removal hook, lift both sides of the transfer roller from its clips, starting with the right side. 4. Place the new transfer roller into position inside the printer. Press down and secure the left side first, with the black clip straddling the left side transfer roller mount. Then press down on the right side to secure it. Then turn printer on.

Tray 1 Pick Up Roller Removal & Replacement: 1. Open Tray 1 and locate the Tray 1 pick up roller. 2. Remove the black plastic envelope entrance cover by pulling it toward you. 3. Using a flathead screwdriver, gently pry open the blue clip in the center of the Tray 1 pick up roller. 4. Lift the Tray 1 pick up roller straight up and off of the shaft. Note the hole through the middle of the shaft. 5. Lower the new Tray 1 pick up roller onto the shaft with the post inside the roller going through the hole in the shaft and the blue clip facing the front of the printer. Pinch the blue clip tightly to lock the roller onto the shaft. 6. Replace the black plastic envelope entrance cover and close the Tray 1 cover.

Tray 2 Feed Roller Removal & Replacement: 1. Turn the printer onto its left side. Locate the Tray 2 feed roller on the underside of the printer. Pinch the clip and pull down to remove the feed roller from the shaft. 2. Place the new feed roller onto the shaft and push it up until it snaps into place. Return the printer to the upright position.

Tray 2 Separation Roller Removal & Replacement: 1. The Tray 2 separation roller is located at the front of the Tray 2 paper trays. 2. Remove all paper from the paper tray (Tray 2). 3. Using a flathead screwdriver, release the clip on the panel to the left of the Tray 2 separation roller. 4. Pinch the clip on the separation roller and slide it to the left and off of the shaft. 5. Slide the new separation roller onto the shaft until it snaps into place. 6. Close and lock the panel to the left of the Tray 2 separation roller.

* To clear the “PERFORM USER MAINTENANCE” message and reset the maintenance page count, hold down the left side of the ITEM and VALUE buttons while turning.

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