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HP 2019 Printer Nomenclature Naming Part Number Series Classifications

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Number and Naming Series Classifications for HP 2019 Printers

The 2019 HP product new naming classification has been released. Not to many people have a need to know the part number schema but its fascinating to looking at for industry insiders.

HP 2019 Printer Nomenclature Naming Part Number Series Classifications
HP 2019 Printer Nomenclature Naming Part Number Series Classifications

One interesting note is how HP is positioning the page-wide technology within the office space in terms of users and abilities. In addition, printer security plays a bigger role in the device functionality and marketability skill sets.

Micro Business

100–200 Series

1-5 users

Up to 2.5k pgs/mo


Small workteam

300–400 Series

3–10 users

Up to 3.5k pgs/mo



500 Series

5–15 users

Up to 6k pgs/mo



600–700 Series

10-30 users

Up to 10k pgs/mo



800 Series

25 or more users

Up to 14k pgs/mo



SMB Target

• Affordable entry price for printers and toner

• 3"–4.3" MFP panels

• Less robust scan/ADF

• Smart Mobile Printing Features & cloud-based solutions


IT Managed SMB and Enterprise Target

• Most secure1

• Investment protection and fleet-wide common UI with upgradeable FutureSmart firmware

• 8" MFP panels; robust scan/ADF

• OXP for robust solutions, full enterprise security/Web Jetadmin management

Descriptor for color

• No descriptor = mono

• Color

Product brand

• LaserJet Laser Technology

• PageWide Technology

• OfficeJet Ink Technology


• Pro: Designed for micro-small business with growing or established networks and minimal management requirements.

• Enterprise: Designed for med-large business with advanced networking, security and document management requirements.

HP LaserJet Family

• Small teams to departments

• From Micro SMB to enterprise

• Established color and mono reliability and quality

• Great high-gloss, print shop-quality

• Great value for black-only printing

• Advanced security and management features

• 1-25+ users

HP PageWide Family

• Workteams to workgroups

• From small business to enterprise

• Great value for color printing

• Professional everyday quality

• HP’s lowest environmental impact

• Advanced security & management feature

• 3-15 users

HP OfficeJet Pro Family

• Personal use and small teams in home

• Micro to small business

• HP’s lowest-priced business printers

• Professional everyday quality

• Great photos on all types of photo papers

• Essential security & management feature

• 1-5 users


a = Base

c = Capture

d = Duplex

f = Fax

h = Hard drive

n = Network

t = Tray

w = Wireless

x = SFP with network, duplex, paper tray

xh = SFP with x features plus HDD

x+ = SFP with xh features plus HCI vs paper tray

z = MFP with more than 2 features (most, but not all,

flow bundles have this designator)

z+ = MFP with more than 2 features for additional

bundles with same model number.


• No Descriptor = single function


• "Flow" descriptor represents all flow features

Pro Product families

• 100 SOHO/Personal

• 200 Micro Business

• 300 Small workteam (lite)

• 400/500 Small workteam

Enterprise Product famlies

• 500 Small workgroup

• 600 Workgroup

• 700/800 Department

Model number

First digit–same as family number Second and third digits:

• 0–24 - mono

• 25–50 - mono MFP

• 51–74 - color

• 75–99 - color MFP

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