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How To Make The HP M806 M830 Fuser & Maintenance Kit C2H67-67901 C2H67A Install Easier?

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

10 simple steps to replace the HP C2H67A M806 M830 C2H67A-67901 Fuser & Maintenance kit

Today we will be reviewing the procedure of removing and installing the M806 M830 mfp Fuser Maintenance Kit. Part Numbers C2H67-67901, C2H67A

HP C2H67A C2H67-67901 M806 M830 mfp Maintenance Kit Includes:

  • (1) Fuser Assembly CF367-67905

  • (1) Transfer Roller Assembly RM1-9738

  • (4) Tray 2 & 3 Feed / Separation Roller RF5-3338

  • (4) Tray 4 & 5 Pickup / Feed Roller RM1-0037

  • (2) Tray 2 & 3 Pickup Roller RF5-3340

Start by making sure the printer is off for at least 15 minutes and unplugged. Approach the printer from the right side and open the door.

Suggested Tools

None needed very simple process

Repair Notes

  • 200,000 page yield

  • This fuser and kit is available at in an number of different options at metrofuser

  • There is no manual reset for the fuser page count on the printers. Our fusers have the fusable link technology built in and will automatically reset the fuser page count within the first 100 pages after installation. However To ensure this process works correctly, double-check that your printer's power is off before you install the new fuser.

HP LaserJet CF367-67905 M806 M830 fuser installation instructions

If you have a finishing accessory attached to this printer (some do, some don't, it's an optional accessory) release the handle circled in the drawing below, and slide the finisher away from the printer.

Open the left side door, and if you have a duplexer installed, press down on the green tab to release the duplexer. (See picture below).  Slide the duplexer out of printer through the left door, and lift it up and away from the printer.

Install the new fuser in the reverse proedure. Make sure it is seated well and lock the blue tabs.  Reinstall the duplexer, and close the door.  Reattach any finishing accessory you had installed. 

The maintenance counter is automatically reset by the fuser after 100 pages are printed. The fuser has a fusible link in it that is designed to open after 100 pages are printed, and open link resets the counter. HP has designed it so that the maintenance counter cannot be manually reset via the printer Menus.

HP LaserJet RM1-9738 M806 M830 Transfer roller inst