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How to Install the Fuser Drive Assembly For The HP LaserJet P4014 P4015 P4515 Laser Printer RC2-2432

Installation Instructions of the Fuser Drive / Swing Plate For The HP LaserJet P4014 P4015 P4515 Laser Printers RC2-2432.

Installation Instructions of the Fuser Drive / Swing Plate For The HP LaserJet P4014 P4015 P4515 Laser Printers RC2-2432.


Gear wearing over time


Noise grinding


Dust collecting under the left side of the printer under fusing assembly

Estimated Time to replace

1 hour or for experience technicians

Shop for the RC2-2432 HP P4014 P4015 P4515 Fuser Drive Assembly Swing Plate

Worn swing plate + new fuser = grinding noise.

If a fuser drive assembly has worn sufficiently enough you may experience a grinding noise after you replace a maintenance kit or fuser. Why? Over time the swing plate and fuser gear wear together and introduction of a new fuser / gear changes the variables. The old combination wore together which minimized noise.

The P4014 P4015 P4515 fuser drive / swing plate is much more robust then the 4250 series that needed replacement ever 200,000 pages. This swing plate still needs replacement every 3-4 fusers replacement or when you hear its time for a change.

A step-by-step procedure follows (unless stated otherwise, left-right designations are as viewed from the front of the printer).

How to Install the Fuser Drive Assembly For The HP LaserJet P4014 P4015 P4515 Laser Printer RC2-2432

  1. Remove the printer's toner cartridge and paper tray.

  2. Remove top accessories or top-accessory cover and any output accessories (stacker, mailbox, etc.).

  3. Remove the top-accessory cover (toward the back of the printer, on top) by simply lifting it up. There are retaining tabs on each side, but they will release themselves as you pull up on the cover.

  4. Remove the duplexer or duplex accessory cover. To do this pull the duplexer or the cover out of the printer (from the back) to remove it.

  5. Remove the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer tray 2 extension door (in back of printer). Gently flex the door to release the hinge pin near the power cord side of the printer. Then rotate the door to the horizontal position and pull up on the remaining hinge pin to release the door.

  6. Remove the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer rear output bin. Open the bin and squeeze the right hinge pin (on your left if you are behind the printer) out of its mounting hole. Then rotate the bin away from the printer to release the other hinge pin.

  7. Remove the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer fuser. Squeeze the blue fuser-release tabs (one on each side) and pull the fuser straight back and out of the printer. When re-installing the fuser, make sure to push it in until these tabs snap into place.

  8. Remove the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer formatter board. First remove the plastic formatter cover (right side of the printer, toward the back) by simply grasping it and sliding it straight back. To remove the metal formatter cage, remove the two thumbscrews, then use the finger holes on the side to grasp it and slide it straight back. This will require some force, as you are also unplugging a connector. When reinstalling the board/cage, you may want to open the metal door on the side of the cage so that you can visually verify correct seating of this connector.

  9. Remove the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer top cover. Open the print-cartridge door and the front cover. Use needle-nose pliers to release the print-cartridge drive arm from the right side of the cover, and then push the arm down into the printer (remember to re-attach this arm when re-installing the cover).

  10. Remove four screws, one in each of the four corners of the cover. Now partially close the print-cartridge door, release two tabs (Fig. A), and lift the cover off the printer. Take care to properly reseat these two tabs when re-installing the cover. Also note that the accessory pin (in the left-rear corner of the cover) is not captive; take care not to lose it.

  11. Remove the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer's right-side cover. Release three tabs – one along the top edge, directly above the fan vent; one at the upper rear corner, and one at the front of the formatter cavity. Then slightly flex the cover to release the front edge, rotate the top edge away from the printer, and lift up to remove it. When re-installing the cover, make sure that the plastic power switch (on the cover) couples properly to the metal power switch rod (in the printer).

  12. Remove the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer's left-side cover. Open the front cover and gently flex the retainers to separate them from the tray 1 arms so that you can open the cover all the way (this is to provide clearance for the left cover). Now release two tabs (one along the top edge of the left cover, and one along the front edge), rotate the top of the cover away from the printer, and lift up to remove it.

  13. Remove the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer power supply PCA guide (right side of printer, toward the back). Remove two screws, release the retaining tab, and slide the guide toward the rear of the printer to remove it.

  14. Remove the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer's power supply. On the right side of the printer, remove four screws and one grounding screw. Then unplug five cables from the DC Controller. Feed these cables through the hole in the chassis into the paper tray cavity below the power supply.

  15. Unhook the power-switch rod from the chassis, and then pull down to remove it from the power supply (note that the rod attaches to the power supply inside the paper tray cavity – observe this before removing it so you will know where to re-attach it later). On the left side of the printer, remove two screws to remove the fan-cover plate (below the fan). This gives you access to three cables. Unplug them, and remove four screws which correspond to four screws on the other side.

  16. Now grasp the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer power supply from behind, lift it slightly, and slide it out the back of the printer.

  17. NOTE: When removing and re-installing the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer power supply, take care not to dislodge the small rubber belts and plastic rollers on the feed-guide assembly (mounted to the top of the power supply).

  18. Remove the RW crossmember plate: This is a metal piece that attaches to the rear edge of the metal plate that supports the laser scanner. To remove it, it is necessary to remove four screws. Two of these are easily accessed from the rear. The other two are accessed from the bottom by inserting one's arms through the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer's paper tray cavity .

  19. Replace either the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer fuser drive assembly or just the fuser drive gear.

  20. Replace the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer Fuser Drive Asm- RC2-2432. This is attached to the inner surface of the right wall of the printer chassis by four screws, one in each corner. To access the lower front screw, you will need to remove a gear – simply pry the retaining tab away from the shaft and slide the gear off. Then remove the four screws and pull the drive assembly away from the chassis, taking care not to let any of the non-captive gears fall off.

  21. Replace the P4014 P4015 P4515 printer fuser drive gear- RU6-0171. This is the large brown gear at the rear end of the fuser drive assembly. There are no retaining tabs – simply lift it off the shaft and replace it with the new one. Note that the two sides of the gear are not identical. The ridged side should face up and away from the metal plate of the drive assembly.

Reverse the above steps to re-assemble the P4014 P4015 P4515 Laser Printer.

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