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How to Differentiate Between The HP M601 M602 M603 and M604 M605 M606 Fusers

How to tell the difference between the HP M601 M602 M603 and M604 M605 M606. RM1-8395 vs E6B67-67901.

From a visual inspection these fusers are identical. If you install the wrong fuser in an HP laser printer you will get a 50.5 error which is a wrong fuser error. Not a big deal, right? What if your returning cores for credit? How about if your performing swap testing with a troublesome printer.

HP printer fusers are getting harder to tell apart. Getting it wrong could mean a extra trip out to a customer or sending the wrong items to a HP parts supplier. This question is one hottest we get into our HP laser printer technical support hotline lately. How can I tell the difference between the RM1-8395 and E6B67-67901?

The following diagram can be used to measure the ohm readings across these fusers to help you determine its identity.

Keep in mind that the values assigned to the lettered terminals will vary due to temperature changes. If the fuser has been tested and is still warm, its values may not match those of the lettered terminals listed below.

How to tell the difference between the HP M601 M602 M603 and M604 M605 M606. RM1-8395 vs E6B67-67901.
How to tell the difference between the HP M601 M602 M603 and M604 M605 M606. RM1-8395 vs E6B67-67901.

HP M600 M601 M602 M603 Fuser Readings

Pins Ω

  • 1-3 21

  • 1-6 36

  • 3-6 15

  • A-B 1M

  • C-D 1M

  • E-F 0

  • H-I 6.7M

  • K-L 6.7M

HP M604 M605 M606 Fuser Readings

  • 1-3 25

  • 1-6 43

  • 3-6 18

  • A-E 1.4M

  • B-D 0

  • C-F 1.4M

  • H-I 7.3M

  • K-L 7.3M

First check the frame for a part number. If the label has been removed follow these steps;

  1. Locate the rectangle power fuser main connector.

  2. Locate the metal contact points in the main connector.

  3. Locate the measurements from the diagram above for the model fuser you are verify.

  4. Take measurements with ohm meter

  5. Compare readings.

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