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How to Adjust HP M604 M605 M606 LaserJet Fuser Temp to Improve Print Quality and Eliminate Smearing

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

M604 M605 M606 Fuser Temperature Adjustment

Today we will be reviewing the procedure to adjusting the fuser temperature in the HP m604 m605 m606 Laser Printer

Adjusting the fuser temperature is typical performed if the user is experiencing image defects such as toner smearing ghosting etc. Raising the temperature improve print quality.

If you print often with specialty paper (i.e. envelopes, cardstock, & labels) you may want to turn up the fuser temperature on your printer. Here is an example of a toner smear on an envelope -- we will fix this defect by turning the temperature up.

The concept of turning up the fuser temperature can apply to many HP LaserJets. Fuser temperature settings are generally stored under the "Print Quality" menu. Start by approaching the printer’s control panel.

  • Press The "HOME BUTTON".

  • Scroll down to "ADMINISTRATION" and press "OK".

  • Scroll down to "GENERAL SETTINGS" and press "OK".

  • Scroll down to "PRINT QUALITY" and press "OK".

  • Scroll down to "ADJUST PAPER TYPES" and press "OK".

  • Press "OK" on "PLAIN".

  • Press "OK" on "PRINT MODE".

Send a print job to the printer and rub the printed page vigorously. Change the toner mode if the print rubs off the page. You might need to experiment with several different fuser temperature settings until you find the right one for your printer.

If turning up the fuser temperature doesn't improve the toner bonding, it's probably time to replace the fuser. We sell both new and refurbished fusers -- see our list of maintenance kits .

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