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How Our HP Printer Tech Support Utilizes Power Protection to Improve Print Device Reliability

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Metrofuser's HP Printer Tech Support Uses Reliable Power Protection To Improve Reliability

A quick review of just about every utility company’s website reveals widespread voltage inconsistencies in the power grid. Many laser printer users incorrectly believe relying on retail surge protectors will protect them adequately. The reality is they will do little, as they don't condition power in today’s sensitive printers or multi function printers.

The explosive growth of the managed print services (MPS) industry model has led service providers to take responsibility for the HP printer hardware fleets while leaving power conditioning to the end-users with little support or guidance being provided.

Metrofuser's HP Printer Tech Support department conducted extensive research which revealed power issues to be an integral point of failure. Research compiled from warranty failures, technical support case studies and forensic analysis has revealed power fluctuations to be a major contributor to device failures.

Other Helpful Resources

For further information on how dirty power and voltage inconsistencies can affect office machines, Metrofuser's HP Printer Tech Support recommends these publicly available studies:

  • Industry Analysts

  • BEI Study

Poor power can show up as sporadic problems including paper jams error codes. Eliminating the dirty power variable is a precursor to diagnosing most intermittent device errors.

Metrofuser HP Printer Tech Support recommends power protection products as they offer excellent protection at a reasonable price. Today's reliable power protection devices provide unparalleled power conditioning and sophistication that goes beyond protecting the printer.

Power Protection Products are engineered to provide cost effective power protection solutions to help HP printer service companies:

  • Increase Printer Uptime

  • Protect Data

  • Extend Printer Life

  • Boost Reliability

  • Lower Ownership Costs

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Reduce Printer Service Calls

These power filters protect the labor, parts and travel expenses to service the device should the power filter fail, or fail to protect the connected device.

Power Filters reduce service calls, reduce down time by helping machines operate at 100% maximum efficiency, improve MCBVs by 16%, helping  eliminate no-problem found calls, and help avoid replacing unnecessary parts. Preventing just one printer repair service call in a year will payback the device in its entirety.

The latest Power Conditioning Systems can records power events such as over-voltage, under-voltage, surge, and power outages occurring in your customer’s environment.

HP Printer Tech Support as well as printer technicians can connect their PCs to export the filter’s event history
HP Printer Tech Support as well as printer technicians can connect their PCs to export the filter’s event history

Our HP Printer Tech Support as well as printer technicians can connect their PCs to export the filter’s event history or view it onsite, allowing them to quickly diagnose and eliminate power quality issues affecting the dependability and reliability of the installed Copier, Printer, or MFP device. For more information contact Metrofuser at 888-387-3771 ext 128


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