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Genuine HP Printer Parts Authentication Services And Screening

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

How do you tell if it's real HP or counterfeit?

Aftermarket, compatible, clones or counterfeits, call them what you want, all have contaminated the Genuine HP printer parts market. It is critical that the companies selling these products understand what they are representing.

Many genuine HP printer parts are mis-characterized either knowingly or unknowingly. Competition has even forced the authorized channel distributors to go outside the channel to remain relevant.

Counterfeits have contaminated every shopping marketplace worldwide. We are all aware of the removal orders on toner and ink products on Amazon / Ebay. Have you ever heard of one for HP fusers or kits? I haven't and its not because they are not on there.

Metrofuser has the capabilities to bench-mark and research the nuances of parts at a macro and micro level.
Metrofuser has the capabilities to bench-mark and research the nuances of parts at a macro and micro level.
Counterfeit M607 Maintenance Kit Marketed As Genuine OEM
Counterfeit M607 Maintenance Kit Marketed As Genuine OEM

Metrofuser had to developed the authentication trade craft as a independent parts distributor sourcing the world for genuine printer parts.

Over the years, we've built up a lot of expertise (and data) about various brands, and our reputation in the community as a trusted leader in authentication is unparalleled.

Metrofuser bench-marks and researches the nuances of HP printer parts at a macro and micro level.

According to the Global Brand Counterfeiting Report 2018, counterfeit goods reached 1.2 Trillion USD in 2017 and are set to grow to over 1.8 Trillion USD by 2020.
HP M607 Maintenance Kit Holographic Security Label
HP M607 Maintenance Kit Holographic Security Label

Where and how is the original data collected? Our proprietary data has been collected over years and from diverse sources from around the world. We also have data partnerships with prominent businesses to collect data on their inventory, thus assuring us pre-checked items.

The need for trust is paramount and the skills needed to authenticate HP printer parts is critical.


Our incoming material inspection team

  • Are the micro machine markings on the part similar to standard manufacturer markings?

  • Are there any machine markings at all?

  • Inspect rolling elements and raceways. Look for rough finishes and abnormal roller appearance.

  • Are there markings on different areas of the part than normal?

  • Is the product wrapped in appropriate shipping material?

  • Examine the Product Packing.

  • Is the packaging similar to other packaging?

  • Are the cartons quality shipping crates?

  • Do they have proper markings?

  • Are the logo markings genuine?

  • Examine the Outer Shipping Cartons

  • Look at the pallet configuration and container load

  • Compare manufacturer country with shipment country

Report IP Theft

If you suspect counterfeit products please report counterfeit concerns to the National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center.

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