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Developing a Critical HP Printer Parts Stocking Strategy

HP Printer Parts Stocking Strategy

Ultimately, the printer service organization's stocking strategy is often a key opportunity.  Our studies have found that 10% or more of spare HP printer parts purchased are never used.  For example, parts are purchased for planned work, but any leftover spares are then placed in inventory "just in case" a future need arises.  This leads to bloated inventories with not enough storage room or budget left for the team.  This example and many others can derail asset reliability programs.

HP Printer Parts
HP Printer Parts

Where to start?

Most HP printer service organizations work diligently to make sure printer repairs and preventative maintenance procedures are completed.

Unfortunately, the stocking of spare HP printer parts generally does not support the organization very efficiently. After all, it is almost impossible to make permanent printer repairs without proper spare parts for the work.

Critical analysis

The 80/20 rule (also known as the Pareto principle) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. The 80/20 rule, which illustrated some practical applications of the Pareto principle in business management and life.

Within the printer parts industry we see that printer service organizations are purchasing 80% of there spending on 20% of the parts. We have seen this in every product category such as printer fusers, toner, maintenance kits and transfer belts.

What printer parts are you buying?

Ask your vendor for a HP printer parts usage report. Make sure it is from a significant enough time period to get accurate data. Important: Remove any parts that were spot buys for 1 time orders that you dont think you will see again in the future.

HP Printer Parts Usage Report

ItemNmbr Description % Total Purchases Qty

  • CB506-67901 P4014/P4015/P4515 Fuser 5.9% 2370

  • RM1-1082 4250/4240/4350 Fuser 4.0% 2661

  • RM1-8395 M601/M602/M603 Fuser 3.8% 1328

  • CE991AMAN LaserJet Enterprise M602N Printer 2.4% 204

  • E6B67-67901 M604/M605/M606 Fuser Assembly 110V 2.0% 518

  • CF064-67901 M601/M602/M603/P4034/P4035 Maintenance Kit 2.0% 470

  • RG5-5750 9000/9040/9050/M9059 Fuser 1.8% 583

  • CB388A P4014/P4015/P4515 Maintenance Kit 1.5% 470

  • CF064-67901O M601/M602/M603/P4034/P4035 Maintenance Kit 1.5% 373

  • CB388A P4014/P4015/P4515 Maintenance Kit 1.2% 313

  • CF064-67901 M601/M602/M603/P4034/P4035 Maintenance Kit 1.2% 331

  • CB388AO P4014/P4015/P4515 Maintenance Kit w/ OEM Parts 1.2% 315

  • RM1-0037-000CN P4015/CP4525/M605/M806 Feed Roller 1.2% 18585

  • RM1-6274 P3010/P3015 Fuser Assy 1.1% 470

Group the printer parts found in your usage report with the following criteria to help you determine the part importance.

  • Critical Spare – Any printer part kept on hand / car/ location because it is essential to the overall reliability of the operation. A critical spare may have a high cost, high lead time, or have a significant impact on productivity, operations or contract expectations.

  • Stocking Spare – A spare printer part that is normally kept on hand in the service company storeroom. Vendor Management Inventory – A spare part that is stocked by the vendor at the customer location. The spares are only charged for when the spare is used.

  • Non-Stock – A spare printer part that is not normally kept on site and only ordered for a specific task. Many of these are UPS 1 - 3 day ground shipment.

Set And Manage The Stocking Levels

Good inventories levels over time should have a bell curve visual over their life cycle. Low early in their release and raising as they come into their own. Finally drifting off in their twilight years. Learn more about Developing a Spare HP Printer Parts Stocking Risk Value Strategy

Let the Math Guide You

If the parts strategy your implementing causes you to spend $40k in new hires to reduce your 10k inventory tax right off. You do not need to be a CPA to figure out the right course of action.

Other Helpful Resources


Developing and executing a purposeful HP printer parts stocking strategy for spare parts can unlock many thousands of dollars of improvement - printer parts utilization, first time completion of work, and equipment up time.  Our tip - evaluate whether your organization has a purposeful spare part stocking strategy and is executing daily.  Your printer uptime results depend upon it.

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