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CP3525 CP4025 CM3530 CM4540 CP4025 M551 M575 M570 Color Laser Printer Streaking Transfer Belt Kit

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Problem CP3525 CP4025 CM3530 CM4540 CP4025 M551 M575 M570 Color Laser Printer Streaking Transfer Belt Kit Ugly vertical streaks on printouts ? Purple toner on the belt ?

CP3525 CP4025 CM3530 CM4540 CP4025 M551 M575 M570 Color Laser Printer Streaking Transfer Belt Kit

If your customer is having multiple transfer kits fail with this type of streaking, please check the waster toner duct motor assembly. This is responsible for clearing the waste toner from the transfer kit’s reservoir. If the duct gets clogged (with clumped toner) or the motor is not working, waste toner is going to build up inside the transfer kit’s reservoir and start to overflow/back up onto the belt, causing this kind of streaking.

Check these things:

Is the toner collection bottle full ?

Empty or replace it. For CP3525 use Part # CE245A, for CP4525 use CE265A.


Is the waste toner duct clogged ?

Remove the toner collection bottle and locate the waste toner duct. Open the spring-

loaded door and gently poke inside with a toothpick or similar fine tool.

Is the toner collection motor working properly ?

From the control panel, select ‘DIAGNOSTICS’ then select ‘COMPONENT TEST’ then

select ‘TCU MOTOR’. The toner collection motor will spin for 10 seconds – listen

closely for it at the front left upper corner of the printer. If you don’t hear anything or

it doesn’t sound quite right, replace it. For CP3525 use Part # RM1-4977, for CP4525

use RM1-5605.

Open and inspect the CP3525 CP4025 CM3530 transfer belt spring load door and clean any clumping toner with a sharp object

We get a lot a of calls about this issue (more often during the summer when high humidity causes the waste toner to clump up) on the CP3525 and CP4525 and our customers have good results when they replace this part. Just something to check if you hadn’t already or weren’t aware of this part.


The previous service note solved their issues in less than 5 minutes.  I called the tech, who confirmed the machine is working fine now.  I spoke with the customer after and, he said  almost immediately that” the first tech there could’ve fixed it if they called in”   He said he would make sure their service managers are made aware there are no problems with our belts, and reiterate to the techs to call us first if they think they are having quality issues.

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