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CP3525 CM3530 and CP4025 Fuser Drive Duplex Simplex Conversion RM1-5001 RM1-4974 Service Note

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

The CP3525 CM3530 and CP4025 Fuser Drive Gears RM1-5001 RM1-4974 are available exchange and outright.

Duplex version, RM1-4974

CP3525 CM3530 and CP4025 Fuser Drive Duplex version, RM1-4974

Simplex version, RM1-5001

CP3525 CM3530 and CP4025 Fuser Drive Simplex version, RM1-5001

RM1-5001  RM1-4974. Conversion  CP3525 Fuser Drive Gear

Metrofuser converts a duplex fuser drive to a simplex fuser drive and vice versa. Production removes the belt and the gear towards the center of the unit. The gear on the edge that we leave on wont affect simplex functionality. We leave the gear on because its post is pressed onto the frame and we cannot remove it without a drill press.

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