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Check List To Improve Laser Printer Up Time and Reducing Technician and Operational Costs.

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Tips From Professional Printer Service Companies

Check List To Improve Laser Printer Up Time and Reducing Technician and Operational Costs.
Check List To Improve Laser Printer Up Time and Reducing Technician and Operational Costs.

My experience with managing technicians has shown me that many times the difference between a toner cartridge symptom and a mechanical laser printer problem is subtle. This is especially true for a copier repair person learning how laser devices work and determining a course of action to remedy the situation. The good news is that most toner problems can be identified by what is on the printed page.

MPS service providers cannot afford multiple trips to a printer for repair. Since the MPS contract has a fixed cost per page, every extra trip is costly and may take the profit from the contract. Plus customers can be turned off by seeing the same technician at the same printer that is taking seven to ten days to repair. This does not have to play out this way, if your repair system is your priority and you provide the right tools for fixing the laser printer at the first visit.

Expert laser printer service companies have learned how to maximize their effectiveness with first time fix ratios. How is this done? Here is a check list that may help you understand where you are in this process and where you need to be, if you are not doing all these things:

  • Help desk that determines the most likely two or three potential problems from the customer’s  description of the symptoms to the most common laser printer problems and solutions – know the differences between a mechanical problem and a toner cartridge problem

  • Inventory of critical repair parts for active machines under contract

  • Manage each repair service call from the help desk and dispatch, making sure that the technician has the critical parts in his parts inventory before departing for repair job

  • Inventory of parts needed:Toner cartridge for right printer

  • Fuser

  • Rollers

  • Other, if definitely mechanical problem, i.e.: swing arm assembly, etc

  • Trained technicians

Carrying parts inventory is less costly than ordering parts as needed. The reason of course is that at least one trip to the printer is eliminated if the part is on hand. If the part is not on hand the scenario generally breaks down because the technician will make the trip without the part because your customer expects a four hour touch.

After the technician diagnoses the problem, determines the part needed, he must engage your entire ordering system to get the part, often times incurring extra shipping costs, and a delay in repairing the printer, which cost is unknown and unknowable.

Inventory can be one of the most difficult areas to manage for a small business, but it is imperative to get your hands around it because of its profound effect on profit and cash flow. Extra trips affect profits and parts affect cash flow, at least until used when profit is realized.

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