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Entering The Secondary Service Mode On The HP M251 M351 M451 M375 M475 M476 M1415 Laser Printers

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

How to enter the HP M251 M351 M451 M375 M475 M476 M1415 Laser Printer Secondary Service Mode to Change the Pickup Roller.

The only way to change the pickup rollers on these model HP printers is to enter the Secondary Service Mode and rotate the roller to the service position.

WARNING Do not remove or rotate the rollers manually this will damage printer.

Some OEM online references and manuals for these models can be confusing. We prepared this video to walk printer technicians through the step by step process to enter the HP M251 M351 M451 M375 M475 M476 Secondary Service Mode.


Touch Screen Control Panel:

  • From the printers ready (home) screen press the ”setup” Wrench icon (you should see the printers main menu list)

  • In succession press call out 1 (Between Home Button and left navigation arrow button)

  • THEN immediately press call out 2 (cancel) and release BOTH. The printer should now show the ready (home) screen.

  • Press the “setup” icon, secondary service should be the first menu option

Touch Screen Control Panel Call Outs To Enter Secondary Service Menu

LCD Control Panel:

  • Press the OK button to show menus

  • In succession press left navigat in arrow, THEN immediately press cancel and release BOTH. The printer should now show the ready (home) screen.

  • Press the ok button again you should now see “SECONDARY SERVICE MENU” first in the menu list.

  • Select secondary service scroll down and select “PICK ROLLER” Turn off power by disconnecting power cable (Turning off by power button will rotate the roller back to home position)

  • Begin the process of replacing the pickup rollers by releasing the plastic locking tabs and remove the rollers.

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