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59.F0 error ITB Contact Alienation error HP LaserJet Color CP4025 CP4525 CM4540 M651 M680MFP

How to solve the 59.F0 Error on HP LaserJet Color CP4025 CP4525 CM4540 M651 M680 MFP


The CP4025 CP4525 CM4540 M651 M680MFP 59.F0 error is primarily caused by a transfer alienation failure in which the ITB is stuck and unable to rotate, the SR 9 sensor which is the primary transfer roller disengagement sensor has gone bad or the fuser drive assembly has failed.

Action: Reseat the ITB, check connections, perform manual diagnostic flag and sensor tests, test the alienation mechanism and then test the fuser motor.

While reseating the fuser and transfer belt have shown positive results replacing the fuser and transfer belt almost always delays the inevitable fuser drive assembly replacement.

1. Reseat the ITB.

2. If the issue persists, remove the ITB completely from the unit and manually test the ITB gear and flag.

3. Rotate the gear

  • (1) and check that the flag actuates

  • (2) when the white gear is turned.

4. If the ITB flag is broken or damaged, or if the flag does not move, replace the ITB.

5. If the ITB gear and flag are working properly, test the Primary transfer roller disengagement sensor SR9 (Sensor K) by using the MANUAL SENSOR TEST in the TROUBLESHOOTING MENU.

6. Remove the ITB and fuser assembly to locate Sensor SR9 inside the fuser cavity.

7. From inside the fuser cavity, press and release the SR9 flag to actuate the sensor

8. While pressing and releasing the flag, check the control panel display for sensor response (under K) and confirm the sensor toggles between 0 and 1 (0 is the normal state)

9. If the value does not toggle between 0 and 1, replace the sensor (WG85696000CN)

NOTE: To stop the diagnostic, press OK, select EXIT DIAGNOSTICS, and press OK If Sensor SR9 is working properly, the error would then be the result of the fuser or transfer drive assembly not rotating the belt. Replace the CP4025 CP4525 CM4540 M651 M680MFP fuser drive assembly.

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