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How To Reset The 4600-4650-5500-5550 Transfer Kit

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

If the printer's display panel reads "REPLACE TRANSFER KIT", replace the transfer assembly and perform the following procedure:

Press the '▼' button until the display reads 'CONFIGURE DEVICE'. Press the '' then press the '▼' button until the display says 'RESETS'. Press the '' button. Press the '▼' button until the display says 'RESET SUPPLIES' then press the '' button. Press the '▼' button to select 'TRANSFER KIT' then press the '' button.

If the print quality is poor or colors are misaligned after replacing the transfer kit, you will need to run a Full Calibration. Do the following:

Other Helpful Resources

1. Press MENU to open the MENUS.

2. Press '▼' to highlight CONFIGURE DEVICE.

3. Press '' to select CONFIGURE DEVICE.

4. Press '▼' to highlight PRINT QUALITY.

5. Press '' to select PRINT QUALITY.

6. Press '▼' to highlight FULL CALIBRATE NOW.

7. Press '' to select FULL CALIBRATE NOW. Wait for the printer to calibrate.

In some cases, you may need to perform the Full Calibration two or three times before the problem is corrected.

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