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33.02.01 Used board-disk installed message on the HP M604 M607 M506 M552 M652 Series Printers

33.02.01 Used board/disk installed message on HP M604 + Series, M607 + Series, M506 + Series, M552 + Series, M652 + Series Printers

After replacing a formatter board, hard drive or eMMC card in newer HP LaserJet printers, the printer will boot up to an error 33.02.01. This indicates that the data/identity of the new part does not match that of the printer you are installing it into. This error doesn’t mean that the new part you installed is bad, just that there is a data mismatch. This is a simple problem to resolve.

33.02.01 Error on HP Printer
33.02.01 Error on HP Printer

Figure 1. 33.02.01 message at startup (33.02.01 Used board-disk installed message)

Figure 1 shows how the printer indicates the 33.02.01 error at startup after a new formatter, hard drive or eMMC card is installed. At the bottom right corner, you are given the option to select either ‘OK’ or ‘Exit’. To clear the error and rewrite the required data/identity onto your newly installed part, use the arrow buttons on the control panel to select ‘OK’ and then hit the ‘OK’ button on the control panel.

The printer will shut down and reboot. While the printer does what it needs to do, it may shut itself down and reboot several times before the process is complete. The whole process could take up to ten minutes to complete. When it is finished and has rebooted to the home screen, print a Configuration Page to verify the printer identity and settings are correct. Your printer is now ready to go.

It is very important that you select ‘OK’ rather than ‘Exit’ when you get the message shown in figure 1. If you were to instead select ‘Exit’ the printer would then go to the Message Center where it would display ‘33.02.01 Used board/disk installed’ with a red circle next to it, as shown in Figure 2.

33.02.01 Used board-disk installed message
33.02.01 Used board-disk installed message

Figure 2. Message Center (33.02.01 Used board-disk installed message)

You can use the arrow buttons to select ‘Exit’ and hit the ‘OK’ button and that will take you to the home screen where you’ll be able to print, but that red circle will still remain up in the top right corner of the display as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3. Home screen with red circle (33.02.01 Error Used board-disk installed message)

From there, you can clear the error by using the arrow keys to select the red circle and hitting the ‘OK’ button which will take you back to the Message Center. From there, use the arrow keys to select ‘33.02.01 Used Board/disk installed’ and hit the ‘OK’ button. The display will then appear as it does in Figure 1 with the options ‘OK’ or ‘Exit’. Use the arrow keys to select ‘OK’ and hit the ‘OK’ button. When you do that, that printer will reboot and reprogram itself as described earlier.

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