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Wordstream Review Complaint SCAM

Overall:1 star

Customer Service: Poor

Deliverable: Poor

Conversions got better but ROI actually got worse. At its worst point we were paying close to 30% of sales on running the program. Wordstream continued to recommend raising our keyword bids.

​We were told by the sales rep even though it was a 6 month agreement they would let us out if were not satisfied. 

​Needless to say

"Originally, when you signed up with us it was part of a 6 month contract. I can keep the cancellation and we would be looking at 3 final bills to complete the commitment, I could help out and apply a 35% discount for the remaining time while you work with your rep to help find additional areas of opportunity within the account. Please let me know if you have any further questions."

I was told by our sales rep if we where not happy you wouldn't hold us. Holding a unhappy customer hostage has expensive consequences. Especially when your company sales people are telling people one thing and the policy is another.


​Bad all the way around

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