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Stocking All Subassemblies and Components


Service Options

  • Geniune OEM

  • Best In Class Remanufactured

  • Pre-Tested and Certified New Compatible

Superior Parts Availability

Metrofuser has designed a service system that provides exceptional order/fill rates and unparalleled order cycle times. When ordered by 6pm EST we can ship same day with any of the major carriers. Metrofuser currently boasts a 96-percent fill rate.

How Advance Exchange Works
Advance Exchange is a simple and efficient alternative to on-site service. The order is secured with a credit card and a replacement unit is shipped directly to the customer's location before the customer ships the faulty part back to Metrofuser. Once the replacement unit arrives, the customer uses this packaging to ship the failed part back. It's as simple as that.

Repair & Return (Service)

Most Cost Effective Repair Option

Metrofuser is the dependable source for quality repair services. Metrofuser offers repair services on a full line of Sub-assemblies including printed circuit boards, fusers, power supplies, paper input units and more.


Core Buyback

You may be able to receive money for your surplus inventory of new, used or failed printers and printer parts.

Top Sellers

Maintenance Kits


Make sure that you have a stock of printer replacement parts, as well as printer accessories, so that all of your printers are ready when needed most.


Running Smoothly

Maintenance kits offer an easy way to keep your printer performing well. These simple supplies provide an effective way to keep each unit running as it should, so documents print clear the first time, every time. Many kits work with a wide variety of printer models, but there are also parts and kits that are designed for specific printers. Carefully check your model to determine exactly what will be needed.


Replacement Parts

You have a top-quality printer, but even great equipment can require new parts to stay in good condition. From roller assemblies to separation pads to roll-feed spindles, a diverse stock of parts designed for your printer ensures you're ready to handle any issues that arise. Simply install the replacement parts, then get back to work at the high levels of productivity you've come to expect from your printer.

Easy Upgrades

Printer parts aren't just for repairs, they can also increase efficiency. When a large volume of documents must be created, consider adding a large-capacity paper tray. With the ability to hold an expanded amount of paper, these trays allow you to tackle big tasks without frequently replenishing supplies. Look for locking drawers to prevent unauthorized access to paper. ​


Metrofuser is the leading global innovator, manufacturer and marketer of printer parts, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions for professional users performing critical tasks.


1-2 Day Ground Delivery to 80% of the Largest Metropolitan Areas

We have established a network of strategically located distribution centers nationwide. Our electronically linked network provides 1-2 day ground to 80% of the largest US metropolitan areas. With Metrofuser you can give your customer the ultimate in service and delivery without having to invest in stocking and warehousing. Local customers can enjoy convenient order pick-up service.


Remanufacturing Evolution
We believe remanufacturing is not only a eco-friendly alternative, but it is also a chance for the part to evolve from its original state. At Metrofuser each repair generation is an evolution to greater quality - a continuous improvement from the original factory model. From implementing engineering upgrades and component-level redesigns all the way through to process engineering efficiencies, the evolution and innovation never stops at Metrofuser.


Service Options

The goal of Metrofuser's remanufacturing and repair services is to build long term relationships with customers rather than profit from a one-time repair. All Services Levels Utilize our the same comprehensive  remanufacturing services


Remanufactured Outright (RO)

With no core to return, you will receive a remanufactured unit with the same new quality and reliability and longer warranty at a better price. Best of all, with this service level you still reserve the right to sell back your core to us.


Advance Exchange (RE)

Our Advance Exchange Service allows for the advance shipment of an exchange module to replace your failed unit at the exchange price within 24 hours where next day delivery is available. Over 80% of Metrofuser products are available for immediate shipment in exchange for your failed unit. All exchange units have been through our stringent remanufacturing process. Receive a quote by email


Ask your exchange vendor these three question

  • Will they let me know what the core charge is before I buy?

  • Is the core charge reasonable?

  • Can they save me on the return freight costs?

  • Can they manage my core inventory?

  • Are Metrofuser's printer parts made in the USA?
    Yes, While most printer parts come from Mexico or Asia, Metrofuser's parts are remanufactured, assembled and engineered right here in the USA – in our industry leading parts technolgy center. We painstakingly engineer each part to meet our exact specifications.
  • How do I qualify for FREE shipping?
    Contact Metrofuser and speak with one of our parts advisors we can set you up with a Pro Account or call us at 908-245-2100
  • Do you offer US based printer technical support?
    Yes all Pro Account customers can take advantage of our experienced HP printer support department.
  • Will these printer parts void the printer warranty?
    No! Our printer parts will not void the factory warranty that it came with when you purchased it. Actually, some of our parts are sold back to the major printer manufacturers as field replacement units. Learn More Here
  • How long is the warranty for HP printer parts
    Most parts are warrantied for 6 months from the day of sale.
  • Are Metrofuser's printer parts TAA Compliant?
    Yes! All parts made by Metrofuser are TAA Compliant.
  • How do I qualify for wholesale pricing?
    Contact Metrofuser and speak with one of our parts advisors we can set you up with a Pro Account or call us at 908-245-2100
  • I dont know the part number of the part I need can you help?
    Contact one of our parts advisors they are epxerts at part idetification. or call us at 908-245-2100
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