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Global Printer Services GPS

Find out how Metrofuser helps service companies gain a competitive advantage, differentiate themselves in the marketplace, and expand their business.

Join forces with us to create a smarter, more connected business community by becoming a member of Global Printer Services.  Recognizing the critical role our partners play in delivering our solutions to customers around the world. We provide our partners with the tools and information needed to set them up for success. Simplify doing business with us, and reward them for their growth and commitment to Global Printer Services -GPS.


Through the Global Printer Services- GPS Network, we reward you for your expertise and your investment in our relationship through clear rules of engagement and access to a combination of financial and technical benefits that help to set you up for success. GPS are enablers to foster growth and build advanced capabilities, and new certification opportunities that let you develop fresh, profitable revenue streams.

Connect your business to the future. Discover the advantages of GPS Network.

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