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Refurbished HP Printers

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Shipping Points And Time in Transit Map

Flat Rate Shipping Options and Trade In The Old Printer And Save Program makes Metrofuser's Factory Certified Refurbished HP Printers the number 1 cost effective choice. Contact us 908-245-2100 for details.


HP Refurbished Printer Warranty Details

Take a look at our processes to refurbish HP Printers.

Factory Refurbished HP Printers

When choosing a source for Refurbished HP printers, what should you look for? 


A company whose expertise is in printer sub-assembly repair, developing solutions for the most problematic HP parts, and creating innovative one-of-a-kind technical tools?


A company with superior technical support and HP service training? 


A company that has built a reputation in the past decade based almost singularly on quality?


If these are the questions that you are asking when looking for a source for your printers, then Metrofuser is the answer.

Factory Certified Refurbished HP Printers

Chosen for effectiveness in manage print environments, our refurbished printers are the best in their respected categories, color monochrome and multifunction.


Our refurbished HP printers are typically one third the price of the newer equivalent and are 100% manufactured. The best print devices are selected, disassembled, remanufactured completely and upgraded for today's networking environment. Each model undergoes a rigorous inspection and reconditioning process and are backed by an extensive warranty.


Metrofuser offers our refurbished printers in all sizes and various capabilities each selected based on their note worthy;

  • Historical Reliability

  • Low Cost Part Replacement

  • Low Cost Toner Replenishment

  • Service Technician Accessibility


Metrofuser protects and supports its dealers with non branded owner’s manuals, collateral marketing and blind drop shipments.


Manufacturing Evolution™

We believe our refurbished printers are not only an eco-friendly alternative, but is also a chance for the part to evolve from its original state. At Metrofuser, each repair generation is an evolution to greater quality and performance - a continuous improvement from the original factory model. From implementing engineering upgrades and component level redesigns all the way through to process engineering efficiencies, the evolution and innovation never stops at Metrofuser.


Technical Support

At Metrofuser, dependable help and reliable advice is always just a call away. So you can do more with less worry. Your technicians have access to a myriad of support options.


Guaranteed Firmware Compatibility

Metrofuser assures the most current, proven and compatible toner friendly version.


Multi Point Distribution

Will call pickup and shipping points in Santa Ana, CA and Elizabeth, NJ.

Customized Warranty Options

Each printer comes with scalable warranties that range from 6-18-24 months. Scalable warranties offer dealers full control over cost points, expenses and profitability.


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