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None of us can go it alone!

Like-minded people working together is the only way to succeed in complex and chaotic environments. We provide our partners with products, services, and solutions that build confidence to help drive revenue.

Superior Quality Product

  • Significantly higher margins than OEM products.

  • Testing validating product quality, page yields, and reliability.

  • All products are IP cleared.

  • TAA Compliant.

  • 100% post-testing in OEM printers.

Part Availability

  • Nationwide distribution with strategically located distribution facilities across the US.

  • Product experts with 15+ years of experience.

  • Extensive Product Line Depth- Metrofuser stocks whole unit printers to help customers locate hard to find parts. We can make parts that have no part number or not listed in service manuals possible. 

  • Latest most profitable models.


Comprehensive Suite of Partner Solutions

  • US-based technical support from printer technicians with 25+ years of experience.

  • Laser printer service training solutions.

  • Category Management With a Competitive Edge- Experience and analytical tools to help you identify the right mix of products to support your service parts merchandising strategy. 

  • Partner access to highly experienced sales, marketing, product management, and merchandising teams.

  • Active Technical Community- We have relationships with a vibrant technical community of authorized and independent service organizations nationwide. Metrofuser maintains one of the largest networks of imaging service specialists in the United States.

  • "Results Driven Learning" Metrofuser has authored more than 7000 learning assets. The online resources help educate technicians on legacy models as well as the latest laser imaging technologies. Utilized by over 330,000 users from every country on the planet.

Only by working together can we all win!

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Nationwide distribution with strategically located distribution facilities across the US.
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