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Parts Now-Partsnow- Parts Now llc of, WI Customer Support Help

Welcome Customers of Parts Now's and WI 

Your business matters to Metrofuser.

We are excited for the opportunity to service your account and are here to make this transition as simple as possible.


Ways to Get in Touch with Us

Please know that Metrofuser's Customer Service team is ready and available to assist Parts Now's customers with any additional questions about your account.

  • 1-908-245-2100 Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm EST


Who is Metrofuser?

We are relentless in our commitment to our customers and delivering an exceptional customer experience. We are the one of largest providers of remanufactured printer parts in the world. We offer the largest assortment of products and services including award-winning remanufactured printer, parts, managed print and technology services. More About Us

Parts Now Account Overview

  1. I am a new Metrofuser customer, how do I set up an account?
    You should have already received your account number. We may be able to add your Parts Now customer ID as a cross reference on your account. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-908-245-2100 or email us at

  1. Will I have to fill out any new paperwork for Metrofuser?
    Yes, please contact at  If you have any questions, please contact our Accounts Receivable Department at 908-245-2100.

  2. If you are entitled to sales tax exemption, please complete the applicable certificates below and email them to

How Do Part Now Customers Order From Metrofuser?

  1. When is the last day to order from Parts Now directly? The last day to place orders directly with Parts Now llc is Friday, June 20th

  2. How do I place an order with Metrofuser? We offer the same ordering options as Parts Now including phone, email, XML (PO Processor), Web and EDI.

  3. If I ordered through, where will I place my orders? The Parts Now website ( will no longer be active. Use If you previously had a web account, we are automatically setting you up and will provide your login details separately.

  4. How are you handling credit card orders? For security reasons, credit card numbers and information were NOT transferred to Metrofuser. All customers paying via credit card must provide credit card information at the time of their first order.

  5. Where will my inventory come from? We have 2 strategically located distribution centers throughout the U.S. (Southern California and New Jersey) and our goal is always to ship from the closest location to ensure timely delivery. Parts Now distribution center will be closed.

  6. What about receivables? Who do I pay? Any orders placed on or before June 20th will be invoiced by Parts Now and paid to Parts Now. Any orders placed after will be invoiced by Metrofuser and remit to Metrofuser.

  7. Are my Parts Now part numbers changing? Parts Now part numbers will remain the same for ease of ordering.

  8. Will my credit terms and freight terms remain the same as my Parts Now programs? Credit terms and conditions will remain the same. In some cases, your freight terms may have changed based on economic indicators.

  9. Is my Parts Now pricing changing? Your Parts Now pricing may change please contact us at

  10. Parts Now Product Returns Unfortunately, Metrofuser is unable to take back Parts Now product. Parts Now products purchased from Metrofuser after June 20 will have a 6 month or 90 day warranty from date of purchase.

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