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The Metrofuser Seal. It embodies the values and standards of a unique parts company.


Metrofuser has created a quality benchmark for its products: the Metrofuser Seal. This emblem of excellence goes beyond any existing standards of the service parts industry. Uniquely, the Metrofuser Seal applies to our service parts as delivered to its customer. In conjunction with these standards, the Seal represents a lifelong commitment to our customers created by us since 2003.

By integrating knowledge, innovation and technical developments, the Metrofuser Seal guarantees the enduring quality of our products.

Metrofuser is independalty owned, free from outside private equity overseers or parent company influences, as such we are the only guardians of this quality. The Metrofuser Seal is further evidence that we will never compromise the integrity of our products. We value the support and trust of our clients and therefore, with this Seal, we ensure that our products continue to be trusted for years to come.

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