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  • Founded in 2003 by Industry Insiders from Depot America and Image1

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With over 20+ years of experience, Metrofuser is the company behind leading organizations.


  • US Treasury

  • Environmental Protection Agency, EPA

  • Bureau of National Affairs

  • NASA

  • Marine Corps Intelligence Activity

  • Army 1st Special Forces Group

  • Army 8th Support Command

  • Department of Justice, DOJ

  • Federal Bureau Of Investigations, FBI

  • National Security Agency, NSA

  • Center for Countermeasures, WSMR

  • Defense Threat Reduction Agency



  • Wells Fargo

  • Boeing


  • Sloan-Kettering

  • Clorox

  • Raytheon

  • General Motors

  • Goldman Sachs 

  • VISA

  • Price Waterhouse Coopers

  • ExxonMobil

  • Aetna Life Insurance

  • Bank Of New York

  • NIKE

  • Siemens

  • Lockheed Martin


  • Cornell University

  • Yale University

  • Harvard University

Printer Service Company, Purchasing Manager


It is truly rare that one can find customer service on the level that I received. Prompt call backs, straight talk, and honesty are the keys to my business and Todd has proven time and time again that he shares those values. I would also like to mention how everyone at Metrofuser has proven to me the ability to truly understand the difference between third party and OEM parts. It is such a time saver to be able, on any given part, to specify OEM or third party parts and not have to check it when they arrive. Keep up the great work.

Printer Service Company, Service Manager


 I have used your competitors in Georgia and Wisconsin and so far you are the best! You keep making me look good.

Printer Service Company, Service Manager


What's this item I just started working with Metrofuser about a month ago and I have to tell you I have not had one bad fuser from them. In the past with my other vendors I would get at least 5 to 6 bad fusers shipped to me. My tech would go out to the customers site to fix their printer and find out that the fuser we got was DOA. Now that I have found Metrofuser I will never go back to those other vendors. Thank you so much for calling me Ken Lang you saved us. :)


 I know you guys do a lot! I have lots of customers that will only buy certain stuff from yall

Printer Service Company, Service Manager

New York

Try Metrofuser. Had better luck with them. They use Anti-tear Films in their LJ 4200 Fusers, and it seems they also now use them in 1300/5000 series. Smaller company than others. They will go to bat for you since they are a smaller and customer focused company.

Printer Service Company, Owner


I just wanted to tell you that so far my experience with Metrofuser has been excellent. David in California found one of my power screwdrivers that got misplaced a few months ago in one of the cores that I turned in. He followed up on it and shipped it to me the same day.

A business associate came in today looking for some parts. I mentioned you guys and showed him one of your fusers and he was impressed by the rebuild job.

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