Certification Backed By Digital Credentials

Digital credentials / certification, also known as open badges, are the newest way for professionals to share their achievements and skills in the marketplace. You can share your credential on your email signature, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, website, blog or other platform.  Anyone who views it may click on it and be brought to a customized, individual verification page, which confirms who the credential was issued to, when it was issued, what was involved in earning it, and what it qualifies the earner to do.  


When someone completes one of our printer service courses and meet the requirements they earn a Digital Credential, essentially a badge icon with our logo and the name of the course.

The secret sauce here is that each Credential has unique code embedded in it. Technicians and Support personal can place these Credentials on their email signatures, LinkedIn pages, blogs, websites, or Facebook pages. Anyone who clicks on it is brought to a secure Verification Page, which lists the person’s name, the date they earned it, what coursework they studied, and what it qualifies them to do.

Benefits to the Credential Earner

For the person who earns the Credential, the benefits are obvious: just about anyone you come into digital contact with can learn a great deal about what skills you’ve mastered, with a single click. When that in-house executive sees the level of detail of a given course you’ve completed, they’ll know right away that what you do can’t be accomplished by a secretary

  • Identity Verification ensures credibility and authenticity

  • Shareability and Marketable- Share achievements on Facebook, LinkedIn,,,, and others.

  • Evidence and testimonials substantiate achievement

  • Highly accessible; anyone with access to the internet or a mobile device can earn and receive their credentials digitally.

  • Secure and Authentic- Metrofuser's Digital Badges are created through a Yardstick’s T2 platform that utilize the best digital credentialing architecture in the industry and adheres to and is fully Mozilla OpenBadge compliant. When the Digital Badge is clicked on, it brings the user BACK to the issuing web site, displaying the authenticity of the badge for proper verification.


Benefits to the Companies that outsource service

For the employer, aside from instant verification, it gives them the ability to quickly see if the material mastered is the right match for their job opening, whether full time or freelance.

If you’re a service company looking to hire someone or subcontract work outside your service area, seeing that a candidate earned their credentials on a particular model tells you they covered high mortality parts, engine specific troubleshooting, maintenance, resets, and disassembly/reassembly and backed by the technical support department of a world class parts manufacturer.

For a corporate recruiter looking for a HP technician that can add printers to a network, the HP Network Printer Communications credential shows you the person learned about driver and firmware installation procedures, NVRAM resets, flash and memory installation, common error code resolutions and TCP/IP network configurations and more. The point is, they can easily see if what you know fits what they need.

Training at our location or yours!

Interested? Contact Us

Metrofuser's ServicePlus Training is a compilation of collaborative disciplines, parts theory, service management and general printer repair. Our classes provide students with hands-on, real-life scenarios challenging them to build everything possible for each technology element with their own hands. Students break it, fix it, install it, troubleshoot it, integrate it, migrate it, upgrade it and deploy it. That’s what makes Metrofuser's ServicePlus Training better than others.


Who Should Attend?

Entry-level technicians

Help desk personnel

Government technicians

Repair/call center personnel

Hardware technicians

Copier technicians

Sales/Customer service personnel


Metrofuser's ServicePlus Training will provide technicians with all of the comprehensive tools needed by a novice and will prove to be more than sufficient for the industry expert looking to get certified. This includes one of only suites of courses covering the management side of the field service industry.  This integration between the parts and service industries has allowed us to author training so comprehensive it is backed by three types of certifications: Certified Imaging Specialist, Independent Service Professional, and Service Management Professional. These certifications provide a competitive edge by elevating the expertise of your team above and beyond that of your competitors.


How ServicePlus is Different

Metrofuser's ServicePlus training program contains the only courses in the industry that integrate both the proven technology, innovation and expertise born from a world-class printer parts remanufacturer and the acquired industry knowledge and support experience of a proven printer repair industry veteran.
Do you want your personalized training to reach beyond the limited perceptions of "common failures" found in other training courses? Previous training developed by parts companies in virtual labs is incomplete and leaves printer technicians helpless to deal with problems in real world scenarios while standing in front of customers.




CA- Hotels

Santa Ana, CA

La Quinta Inn starts
at around $69 per night
La Quinta Inn & Suites
2721 Hotel Terrace
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: 1-714-540-1111


Best Western Orange County North starts around $76 per night
2700 Hotel Ter US
Santa Ana, California, 92705-5602,
Phone: 714/432-8888



NJ- Hotels

Crowne Plaza
901 Spring Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
Phone: 908-527-1600
Fax: 908-527- 6436
Corporate ID# is 100328387.
Rate is $99 plus tax.  This includes:


  • 1 mile from Newark International Airport.

  • Minutes from NYC

  • Transportation to and from site

  • 24 Hour café

  • Full Service Restaurant & Lounge on property.

  • 24 hour on-site fitness center

The hotel has a shuttle van that takes students to Metrofuser's training center every morning and picks them up in the evening.  Of course students should coordinate and communicate with the hotel's front desk the class schedule for the daily accommodation and tell the reception desk that Metrofuser has a corporate contract with Crowne Plaza.

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Our company is approaching the one year anniversary of my attendance at your training and we estimate we have saved over $4000 in travel, labor, parts, etc., this year. So our Return On Investment is almost completely paid off in just one year’s time. Thanks for everything!

Service Manager

We want to thank you for the outstanding training opportunity provided by your company. Your trainer (Joe) did a excellent job presenting the training to my staff in an understandable format.


The class was beyond my expectation the teacher has real life experience.


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