Metrofuser Announces the Release of ZeroSet™ Technology for CP4025/CP4525 Printers.  


Laser printer parts manufacturer Metrofuser ( has introduced ZeroSet technology into their remanufactured HP LaserJet CP4025/CP4525 fusers. ZeroSet technology is a new remanufacturing solution that will automatically reset the fuser count to zero upon fuser installation.


Before ZeroSet, remanufacturers have been distributing fusers that will either not reset the fuser (CE246A) count or have resorted to selling expensive OEM fusers to customers. Metrofuser's ZeroSet technology employs a fuseable link solution similar OEM fuser proprietary technology enabling Metrofusers remanufactured CP4025/CP4525 fuser to properly reset the fuser count to zero upon installation.


"Technicians have always reset page counts themselves, but HP has designed their fusers to reset the fuser page count automatically," said Mark Makuch, Operations Manager at Metrofuser, "With ZeroSet technology, techs can install our remanufactured fusers and be confident that the fuser count will automatically reset like it is supposed to."


"Remanufactured fusers without ZeroSet technology usually will not reset the fuser page count or clear the "REPLACE IMAGE FUSING UNIT" maintenance message," adds Will DeMuth, COO and co-President, "Not resetting the maintenance message or fuser count leaves the technician guessing about fuser life and risks them changing a fuser with thousands of pages  worth of life left, or worse, over-extending the fuser potentially risking the printer going down. ZeroSet saves the technician time and their customer money."

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