HP M377, M452, M477 Laser Printer Parts

HP M377, M452, M477 Top Replacement Parts


Otional 550 Sheet Feeder         CF404A, CF404-67902

M477 Flatbed Scanner       CF377-60104-RE

M377 Flatbed Scanner      CF377-60124-RE

M377/M477 ADF Separation pad     B3Q10-40080

M377/M477 ADF Pickup Assembly    B3Q10-60105

M377/M477 ADF Input Tray  B3Q10-60107-RO

M452nw Top Cover with Control Panel       RM2-6433-RO

M452dn Top Cover with Control Panel       RM2-6442-RO

M452dw Control Panel, Touchscreen     CF388-60113-RO

M377/M477 Control Panel, Touchscreen        B5L25-60101-RO

Fan (FM2)         RK2-6270-RO

Laser Scanner   RM2-5612-RO

Power Switch Assembly   RM2-6373-RO

Memory PCA       RM2-7374-RO

Engine controller PCA, Duplex    RM2-7909-RE

Engine controller PCA, Simplex   RM2-7910-RE

M452nw/M452dn Formatter, generic    CF389-60001-RE

M452dw Formatter,   CF394-60001-RE

M452nw Formatter    CF388-60003-RE

M452dn Formatter    CF389-60002-RE

M452dw Formatter   CF394-60002-RE

M477 Formatter    CF379-60001-RE

M477fnw Formatter    CF377-60001-RE

M477fdn Formatter     CF378-60002-RE

M477fdw Formatter    CF379-60003-RE

M377dw Formatter     CF378-67902-RE

M452nw/M452dw Wireless PCA    0960-3295-RO

M377/M477fnw/M477fdw Wireless PCA    1150-7967-RO

M477 Fax PCA        CF206-60001-RE

Fan (FM1)      RK2-6270-RO

Fuser Power Supply, 120V      RM2-6440-RE

Driver PCA     RM2-7369-RO

Low Voltage Power Supply/LVPS, 120V    RM2-7913-RE

M452nw/M452dw Remote Antenna     0960-3467-RO

Tray 1 Pickup Roller      RL1-2593

250 Sheet Tray 2 Cassette     RM2-6377-RE

Tray 1 Separation Pad     RM2-6406

Transfer Belt/ITB    RM2-6454-RE/CE

Drum Motor (M2)      RM2-7342-RO

Developing Motor (M3)    RM2-7344-RO

Fuser Motor (M4)    RM2-7348-RO

Environmental Sensor PCA    RM2-7376-RO

Density Detect Sensor     RM2-7399-RO

Tray 2/3 Pickup Roller   RM2-5576

Tray 2/3 Feed Roller    RM2-5577

Tray 2/3 Separation Roller    RM2-5881

Tray 2 Lifter Drive     RM2-6370-RO

Tray 2 Pickup Assembly   RM2-6372-RE

Registration Assembly    RM2-6374-RE

Tray 2/3 Pickup Motor (M1 & M9)     RM2-7350-RO

Paper Pickup Assembly, Duplex     RM2-6387-RE

Reverse Drive Assembly, Duplex   RM2-6389-RO

Secondary Transfer Assembly, Duplex   RM2-6397-RO

Secondary Transfer Assembly, Simplex  RM2-6430-RO

Secondary Transfer Roller    RM2-6455

Fuser, Duplex, 120V   RM2-6418-RE

Fuser, Simplex, 120V   RM2-6431-RE

M452dw/M77fdw Near-Field Communication (NFC) PCA   B4K93-60001-RO

Driver PCA for M452/M477 550 Sheet Feeder  RM2-7366-RO

Connector for Optional 550 Sheet Feeder    VS1-7257-RO

M452/M477 550 Sheet Tray 3 Cassette    RM2-6486-RE

Paper Pickup Assembly for Optional 550 Sheet Feeder   RM2-6490-RE

Lifter Drive Assembly for Optional 550 Sheet Feeder     RM2-6493-RO

Paper Feed Assembly for Optional 550 Sheet Feeder    RM2-6494-000CN

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