Logic Boards and Power Supplies

Today's electronic devices use 3 volt or lower logic circuits. Our testing equipment features variable range parameters resulting in over 100 combinations of voltage, source resistance and test frequencies.


We upgrade every board and printer's firmware to the most current reliable revision when possible/necessary  and our PC's are loaded with drivers for testing I/O ports. We test every function of every board we repair (parallel/serial/USB ports/expansion slots ports/feeder options, etc.) 



  • Test and ID cause of failure.

  • Replace components scheduled for upgrades through reliability enhancement programs. (example: glass diodes, electrolytic capacitors) 

  • Full function testing.

  • Card Burn-in period from 30 minutes to 24 hours depending on the original defect and customer requirements.

  • Full board inspection post-repair.


Expertise in

  • JetDirect, MarkDirect 

  • Formatter

  • Logic

  • Engine Controller

  • Power Supply

  • Interface

  • Scanner

  • System

  • DC Controller


Printer Technologies 

  • POS units

  • Thermal

  • Barcode/label printers

  • RFID Barcode printers 

  • Color laser technology, both single pass and all networking options - internal & external print servers 

  • Copier



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