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Category Management With a Competitive Edge

We have worked with some of the world's leading retailers / E-tailers to improve their processes, address strategic planning challenges, implement change and deploy planning solutions.

We provide experience and analytical tools to help you identify the right mix of product to support your service parts merchandising strategy. Combined with category targets, this service optimizes parts and printer offerings to the consumer over time to maximize revenue and margins


Industry-Recognized Category Management Leadership
Metrofuser is the company behind some of the biggest names out there. Leading organizations look to us for repair solutions. Our comprehensive program is helping retailers meet and exceed their category management goals.


Product Content Management

Product content including images, specs, and marketing copy all delivered in search engine optimized (SEO) and/or traditional formats. Our catalogs and content are optimized to enable improved site search and search-based merchandising. Addition merchandising can be achieved by enabling cross-sell links.


Category Captain Program

The increasing complexity of product categories are leading retailers to recognize that managing these categories would be increasingly complex, time-consuming and expensive. So we have begun partnering with retailers for recommendations about which brands to stock vs. drop ship, which old SKUs to exclude, and how to price products in each category. Metrofuser’s deep knowledge of this category also can yield higher sales. 

The immediate benefits are obvious and compelling. By outsourcing the management of the parts category, retailers can draw on our superior knowledge as we already have lots of data on consumers. Retailers just don’t have the resources to keep close tabs on sales trends for so many different products. Outsourcing category management is excellent way to manage better with the same resources.


Product Training and Certification

Metrofuser is the leader in both technical and sales training within the imaging industry. We can optimize your existing program or educate from the ground up. Topics include the function of each product, quality features that are designed and manufactured into each part. Our trainers will customize a program to help meet your goals.


Market Planning & Analysis
The competitive landscape is changing. Metrofuser's Category and product lifecycle management ensures correct product offering and maximizes revenue and profit opportunities. Let Metrofuser’s Market Planning and Analysis services help you make informed, timely decisions that will ultimately give your business the competitive edge it needs to prosper and grow in this evolving marketplace. Our analyst team is made up of experienced professionals with backgrounds in all facets of location research: market analysis, business intelligence, and strategic planning. We know what you will need in the future, too, with life cycle analytics and innovative designs based on our advanced OE technology.


Actionable Intelligence

Metrofuser committed to delivering tactical market research and custom consulting related to the markets for digital printer and MFP hardware. Our team understands that the printer and supplies business has changed, and we are dedicated to providing practical, accurate market analysis that clients can use to succeed.


We will help you increase sales and decrease inventory investment with our proprietary analytics program, Metrofuser Optimized Inventory (MOI). Customized for your business and powered by algorithms exclusive to Metrofuser, we analyze failure rates, toner to fuser sales ratios, printers in operation, environmental factors, and other data points to bring you exacting market intelligence unavailable anywhere else. Our Channel Management Program is a complex, disciplined initiative with a simple result: You will sell more and spend less.


Digital Marketing

Gain insight into the parts replacement world of E-Commerce, online marketplaces and competitive shopping engines (CSE). Metrofuser can help retailers avoid the costly marketers and focus on the platforms that work.

Latest, Most Profitable Models

We understand your needs for new and profitable models that continually enter the marketplace. That is why our engineers focus on the latest OEM part designs, specifications and technologies. We bring the newest parts to market fast so you have access to a low-cost, rock-solid high margin alternatives to parts often backordered or unavailable from the manufacturer or distributors.


Improving the Original Designs and Production Process

Metrofuser leads with innovation. We identify Original Equipment weak points and invest in solutions to eliminate these failures. Our engineers develop new technologies and custom equipment to automate our manufacturing process. Over the years, these developments have improved the parts we make over and above the level of quality of the OEM part they replace.


Testimonials and Website Product Reviews

Metrofuser helps create good relationships with your customers, and that you care about what they have to say. Testimonials and reviews also act as a way to add more rich content to your site - they sometimes mention benefits of your product that you didn’t cover while writing up your product description. With all of that in mind, testimonials are an important element of your marketing strategy that can lead to more conversions.

1-2 Day Ground Delivery to 80% of the Largest Metropolitan Areas
We have established a network of strategically located distribution centers nationwide. Our electronically linked network provides 1-2 day ground to 80% of the largest US metropolitan areas. With Metrofuser you can give your customer the ultimate in service and delivery without having to invest in stocking and warehousing.


Superior Parts and Printer Availability
Metrofuser has designed a service system that provides exceptional order/fill rates and unparalleled order cycle times. When ordered by 6pm EST we can ship same day with any of the major carriers. Metrofuser currently boasts a 96-percent same day fill rate.


Level III Technical Support  
At Metrofuser dependable help and reliable advice is always just a call away. So your customers can do more with less worry. Metrofuser offer access to a myriad of branded or generic support options including toll free phone support, email and instant message. Support is based in USA.


Revenue Generating Rebate and Core Collection Programs 

Metrofuser offers programs that can manage all brands within the category. Visit our PrintCycle program for details.


Dedicated Team

Our Category Team are veteran industry insiders with over 30 years of experience in HP service parts Sales, Marketing and Industry Research.



Our category management programs, backed by data and verified market trends, are unparalleled in the industry. These proven methods optimize your inventory, improve your cash flow, and ultimately help you sell more.

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