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Top Selling Parts List

Standard Capacity Toner Cart       CF281A / CF281-67901

High Capacity Toner Cart       CF281X / CF281-67902

Duplexer  F2G69A / F2G69-67901

Envelope Feeder F2G74A

Optional 500 Sheet Feeder    F2G68A / F2G68-67901

Optional 1500 Sheet Feeder      F2G73A / F2G73-67901

Stand   F2G70A / F2G70-67901

Optional Stacker       F2G71A / F2G71-67901

Optional Stapler/Stacker     F2G72A / F2G72-67901

Optional 5 Bin Mailbox       F2G81A / F2G81-67901


Hard Drive  B5L29A / B5L29-67901

Two Optional USB Ports    B5L28A

500 Sheet Tray 2 Cassette RM2-6296

500 Sheet Tray 3-6 Cassette     RM2-6275

Transfer roller E6B67-67904

Tray 1 Roller Kit E6B67-67906

Tray 2-6 Roller Kit E6B67-67905

Torque Limiter        E6B67-67926

Fuser (110V)       E6B67-67901

Fuser (220V)   E6B67-67902

Maintenance Kit 110v F2G76-67901

Maintenance Kit 220v   F2G77-67901

eMMC Module   B5L32-60101

Duplexer Cover    RM2-6310

Legal Cover       RC4-5872

Face-Up Tray  RM2-6298

M604n/M604dn/M605n/M605dn/M606dn Control Panel     RM2-7682   

M605x/M606x Control Panel      E6B67-67914

Registration Assembly       RM1-8413

Drum Motor      RM1-8358

Size Detect Assembly       RM1-4525

Drum Drive Assembly         RM2-6920

Formatter     E6B69-60001

MP/Tray 1 Pickup Assembly        RM2-6323

Embedded Wireless PCA         1150-7968

Near Field Communication (NFC) PCA         B5L24-60002

Paper Feed  Assembly          RM1-8411        

Laser Scanner     RM1-8406

Paper Feed Motor       RM1-8285

Solenoid      RL2-1409

Pickup Drive Assembly RM1-8415

Tag Holder/Eader    RM1-4539     

Paper Output/Delivery Assembly RM2-6319

Environmental Sensor      RM1-8438

Fan (FN101) RK2-1988

Fan (FN102)  RK2-1989

Fan (FN103)   RK2-3244

Fan (FN104) RK2-1992

DC Controller    RM2-7643

Fuser/Fixing Motor   RM1-8928

Lifter   RM2-6335

Memory PCA (Island of Data)   RM2-7645

Delivery Drive Assembly      RM2-6318

Fuser Drive Assembly RM2-6231

Feed/Belt Assembly RM1-4548

Power Supply (110V) RM2-6301

Power Supply (220V) RM2-6349

HP M604, M605, M606 Laser Printer Parts

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