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Toner Cartridges

Certified Toner Guaranteed Quality

Joint testing matches this premium brand of toner to Metrofuser’s parts which will improve field quality and reliability.


MpsClass Toner

MpsClass toner has extended page yields that provide the most cost effective approach in any environment. Custom yields available. Universal cartridges allow you to minimize inventory.


Level 3 Technical Support

Un-match troubleshooting capability. Full spectrum support solutions from the cartridge to the electro mechanical assemblies.


Ship Toner / Parts Simultaneously

One Call One PO! Parts and toner ordering are made easier. Our blind drop shipping and generic packaging allow us to support you while we remain your silent partner.


Expert Printer Knowledge

Metrofuser’s comprehensive knowledge comes from its leadership in its four primary, interconnected business sectors.  Metrofuser has been remanufacturing and innovating printer parts since 2003, allowing for a unique, granular-level look into each individual part.


Metrofuser’s Remanufactured Printer line gives the tech support team real world experience into how all of the parts work together.  Metrofuser has also been an industry leader in training technicians from around the world on how to repair some of the most popular printer models, a facet of the business that has grown its knowledge base and prepared its Response Team to assist and educate the customer.


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