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4250 Fuser Award

Metrofuser Craftsmanship and Precision Competition


On the first of every month, 35 technicians from the companys production center take part in the Metrofuser Craftsmanship and Precision Competition. The winners are honored at the end of the month during a prize-award ceremony that take place at the Metrofuser's Technology Center in Elizabeth, New Jersey in the presence of metrofuser Co- Presidents, William DeMuth and Eric Katz.


This competition affirms the company’s commitment to developing in its human potential and consistent approach to quality. 


An opportunity for talent


The theme of the competition is linked directly to the fundamental values of Metrofuser, as evidenced by its name:, Craftsmanship and Precision. These values describe the operating principles and the concept of quality applied in the manufacture and mandated by the directives of the Metrofuser Seal. The competition is part of a training initiative. It allows for an objective evaluation of the professional abilities by creating equal and fair conditions for all of the participants.


The competition aimed to make the technicans aware of the significance of artisan skills used in remaufacuturing, and to identify the most promising talents. The pedagogical goal of this program is further supported by the valuable know-how and expertise of the manufacture’s staff. 


Monthly the results show a very uniform picture with regard to the success and abilities of the technicians, which illustrates the consistently high level of training. The competition also confirmed that the high level of the technicians’ skills continues to rise.

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