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HP M552, M553, M577 Laser Printer Parts

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About the HP LaserJet Enterprise M552, M553, M577

Ideal for enterprises and medium businesses that need a secure, highly productive, energy-efficient color MFP. FCC Class A emissions device for use in commercial environments, not residential environments. HP Office Laser Multifunction Printers are designed for SMBs and small workteams in larger companies, delivering enhanced productivity, simplified workflows and reduced costs.


High-speed performance meets energy efficiency

Don’t wait for documents. Print your first page in as few as 9 seconds from energy-efficient sleep mode. Speed through jobs. Print two sides as quickly as one—up to 40 ipm—and scan both sides of the page at once. This MFP uses exceptionally low amounts of energy—thanks to its innovative design and toner technology. Choose a maximum capacity of up to 2300 sheets. Print up to 59 pages per minute on A5.

Top Replacement Parts List

These Parts are universal to all models:

Waste Toner Detect PCA       RM2-7130

Fuser, 120V    B5L35A/B5L35-67902

Printer Stand/Cabinet       B5L51A/B5L51-67901

Optional 500 GB Hard Drive       B5L29A/B5L29-67903

HP Trusted Platform Module (TPM)     F5S62A/F5S62-61001

Memory PCA     RM2-7138

Connecting PCA      RM2-7156

Switch PCA (SW4)      RM2-7133

Pre Exposure PCA   RM2-7168

Internal USB Ports B5L28A

Embedded Wireless PCA       1150-7968

JetDirect 3000w NFC/Wireless Accessory  J8030A

Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB)  B5L24-67901-CE/RE

Tray 1 Roller Kit      B5L24-67905

Tray 2-5 Roller Kit B5L24-67904

Right Door Assembly    RM2-0019

Laser/Scanner Assembly        RM2-6545

Tray 2 550 Sheet Tray        RM2-0007

Paper Pickup Assembly       RM2-0017

Secondary Transfer Roller B5L24-67902

High Voltage Power Supply/HVPS (D)    RM2-7122

Low Voltage Power Supply/LVPS    RM2-7164

Fuser Power Supply    RM2-7125

Environmental Sensor PCA    RM2-7154

Density Detect Assembly   RM2-7160

Paper Pickup Drive Assembly (M5)      RM2-0008

Lifter Drive Assembly (CL1)    RM2-0010

Fan, Fuser (FM4)     RK2-2418

Fan, Cartridge (FM2)    RK2-6124

Fan, Power Supply (FM1)   RK2-2416

Fan, Delivery (FM3)     RK2-2728

Main Drive Assembly    B5L25-67902

Stepping Motor (M6)    RK2-6027

Fuser Motor (M4)      RM2-0077

Drum Motor (M1, M2, M3) RM2-0078

Optional 550 Sheet Feeder B5L34A/B5L34-67901


These Parts are model specific:

M553 1GB DDR3  DIMM G6W84A/5851-6422

M577 1GB DDR3 SODIMM      E5K48A/E5K48-67902

M553/M577 500 GB Secure Hard Drive    B5L29A/B5L29-67903

M577 320GB Encrypted Hard Drive 5851-6712

M552/M553 Embedded MultiMedia Card/eMMC Module     5851-6436

M553x Embedded Near Field communication (NFC) PCA      B5L24-60002

M577z Embedded Near Field communication (NFC) PCA       B5L24-60001

M577 Analog Fax Accessory 600       B5L53A/B5L53-67901

M553x Control Panel B5L24-67903

M577 Control Panel   B5L47-67018

M552dn/M553n/M553dh/M553dn Control Panel        RM2-7180

M577c/M577z Keyboard B5L47-67019

M577dn/M577f ADF B5L47-67901

M577c/M577z ADF   B5L47-67902

M577 ADF Roller Replacement Kit    B5L52A/B5L52-67903

M577 Flatbed Scanner  B5L46-67904

M577 Scanner Control Board   B5L47-67903

M577c/M577f/M577z Stapler        B5L46-60102

M553n Secondary Transfer Assembly    RM2-0090

M552dn/M553dh/M553dn/M553x/M577 Secondary Transfer Assembly      RM2-0022

M553n Paper Delivery Assembly       RM2-0092

M552dn/M553dh/M553dn/M553x/M577 Paper Delivery Assembly    RM2-0016

M553n Registration Assembly       RM2-0093

M552dn/M553dh/M553dn/M553x/M577 Registration Assembly      RM2-0018

M553n High Voltage Power Supply/HVPS (T)     RM2-7134

M552dn/M553dh/M553dn/M553x/M577  High Voltage Power Supply/HVPS  RM2-7123

M552/M553 DC Controller       RM2-7186

M577 DC Controller       RM2-7187

M552dn Formatter      B5L23-67903

M553n/M553dh/M553dn Formatter       B5L24-67909

M553x Formatter        B5L26-67901

M577 Formatter      B5L46-67909

M552dn/M553dh/M553dn/M553x Duplexing Drive Assembly (M7, CL2) RM2-0006

M553n Fuser Drive Assembly     RM2-0091

M552dn/M553dh/M553dn/M553x/M577 Fuser Drive Assembly    RM2-0009

M552/M553/M577 Tray 3 Cassette for the 550 Sheet Feeder   RM2-5150

M552/M553/M577 Paper Feed Assembly for the 550 Sheet Feeder      RM2-5145

M552/M553/M577 Lifter Drive Assembly for the 550 Sheet Feeder     RM2-5149

M552/M553/M577 Paper Pickup Assembly for the 550 Sheet Feeder      RM2-5154

M552/M553/M577 Paper Feed Drive PCA for the 550 Sheet Feeder RM2-7139

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