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HP M501, M506, M527 Laser Printer Parts

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HP M501, M506, M527 Top Replacement Parts List

Fan (FM1) RK2-8068

Laser Scanner RM2-5528

High Voltage Power Supply/HVPS RM2-7945

Film Bias Assembly RM2-5689

500 Sheet Tray 2 Cassette RM2-5690

Tray 2/3 Separation Roller RM2-5745

Fuser, 110V RM2-5679

Fuser, 220V RM2-5692

Fan (FM2) RK2-8068

Fuser Power Supply RM2-7948

Multipurpose /Tray 1 Roller Kit F2A68-67914

Transfer Roller F2A68-67910

Standard Capacity Toner Cartridge CF287A

High Capacity Toner Cartridge CF287X

Optional 550 Sheet Feeder F2A72A

These parts are model-specific:

M506/M527 Printer Stand/Cabinet F2A73A

M506/M527 500 GB Secure Hard Drive B5L29A

M506 1 GB DIMM G6W84A

M506/M527 Internal USB Ports F2A87A

M527 ADF Roller Kit B5L52A

M527 320 GB Secure Hard drive 5851-6712

M527 1GB DDR3 E5K49A

M527 Analog Fax Accessory B5L53A

M527 Control Panel B5L47-67018

M506 Control Panel B5L24-67903

M501 Control Panel J8H60-67904

M527 Embedded MultiMedia Card 5851-6436

M506 Embedded MultiMedia Card 5851-6587

M506/M527 Tray 2-5 Roller Kit F2A68-67913

M501 Tray 2-5 roller kit J8H60-67903

M527 ADF Maintenance Kit B5L52-67903

M527 Enterprise ADF B5L47-67901

M527 Flow ADF B5L47-67902

M527 Flatbed Scanner F2A76-67909

M527 Keyboard B5L47-67019

M506n/M506dn Cartridge Door F2A68-67919

M506x Cartridge Door F2A68-67920

M501 Cartridge Door RM2-5677

M527 Cartridge Door F2A76-60112

M527 Low Voltage Power Supply/LVPS RM2-7951

M501/M506 Low Voltage Power Supply/LVPS RM2-7941

M506/M527 Memory PCA RM2-7955

M527 DC Controller RM2-8610

M506 DC controller, Simplex RM2-8600

M506 DC controller, Duplex RM2-7940

M501 DC Controller, Simplex RM2-8710

M501 DC controller, Duplex RM2-7950

M527 Formatter F2A76-67910

M506n/M506dn Formatter F2A68-67915

M506x Formatter F2A68-67916

M501n Formatter J8H60-67901

M501dn Formatter J8H61-67901

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