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HP CP5525 Laser Printer Parts

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HP CP5525 Top Replacement Parts List

Optional 500-sheet feeder   CE860A

Formatter      CE707-69001

Secondary transfer roller    CE710-67904

Solid state drive    CE707-67901

Toner collection unit     CE980-67901

Tray 1 paper pickup roller and separation pad kit      CE710-67909

Tray 2 paper pickup roller kit    CE710-69007

Tray 3, 4, 5, and 6 paper pickup roller kit    CE710-69008

Tray 1 separation pad kit     C E707-67908

Cover, right front assembly (includes control panel)      RM1-7144-000CN

Right door assy, duplex       RM1-6007-000CN

Right door assy, simplex       R1-6138-000CN

Fuser drive assy       CE707-67904

Main drive assy, duplex        RM1-7931-000CN

Main drive assy, simplex    RM1-6173-000CN

Laser scanner        RM1-6122-070CN

Lifter drive assy      RM1-6039-000CN

250 Sheet Tray 2       RM1-7138

Paper pickup assy          RM1-7916-000CN

Pickup roller assy        CE707-67903

Paper delivery assy       RM1-6165-000CN

Toner remaining detect PCA        RM1-6779-000CN

Primary transfer high voltage PCA      RM1-7004-000CN

Driver PCA, Duplex      RM1-6742-000CN

Driver PCA, Simplex      RM1-6783-000CN

DC Controller, Duplex     CE708-67902

DC Controller, Simplex     CE707-67906

Secondary transfer high-voltage PCA     RM1-6802-000CN

Imaging high-voltage PCA        R1-6800-000CN

Environment sensor PCA        RK2-2884-000CN

Power switch PCA       RM1-6759-000CN

Low voltage power supply     RM1-6753-000CN

Inter connect board      CE707-67907

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