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Insider: The human touch: The Irreplaceable Skill

The jewel in the crown of a Metrofuser remanufactured fuser is the fact that, from its covers and frame to its hi-temp heart, it has been hand crafted by a dedicated, trained specialist, with skills passed down from seasoned technicians.  It is in large part why Metrofuser stands unmatched in its field.


It’s a standard of excellence that is embodied in the Metrofuser Seal, the benchmark applied to all of our parts that guarantees the company’s quality criteria – the strictest in parts remanufacturing – have been met. 


Every detail is taken into account to achieve the best conceivable result. The term “hand-finishing” includes a wide array of fine details and subtle enhancements, painstakingly performed on all components. All elements of a fuser, both mechanical and electrical, are immaculately finished this way, with methods ranging from feathering and polishing to applying our handsome proprietary recoatings. These deft procedures may be the most time and labor-intensive part of the remanufacturing process.


It goes without saying that, whether a particular process ensures the flawless operation of the fuser for years to come or is purely aesthetic, hand-finishing of this kind calls for hard-won knowledge of proprietary techniques – as well as great dexterity.

Mechanical components
The detailed manual work carried out on the internal components of a fuser is where hand-finishing reaches a rare pinnacle. The Metrofuser Seal requires that gear trains and mechanisms, as with the rest of the fuser, are reworked using advanced technologies, and exemplary finishing. 


After disassembly, every mechanical component – many of which go unseen by the end user – passes through or is finished by human hands. The same processes are applied for all our fusers.  The quality of finish determines not just how well the part will perform its function, but for how long. 


Hand-finishing expertise is part and parcel of the stunning range of parts produced by Metrofuser, where this artistry is employed to craft the hardest working, most durable service parts in the industry. 

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