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UPS & FedEx 2023 General Freight Rate Increases and Upcoming Changes

We wanted to take a moment to address freight costs as we move into 2023.

UPS & FedEx 2023 have announced some of the highest freight rate increases in their history. Effective January 2, 2023 both carriers will increase rates an average of 6.9%. Large increases are nothing new, but the past few years have been aggressively anti-small-business.

A few notable changes in the recent years:

  • Additional (significant) surcharges for packages over 50 pounds, making it more expensive to ship large orders and printers

  • Additional (significant) surcharges for oversized packages. Packages with dimensions that exceed a specific formula get charged $25-$100 extra for taking up too much space in their trucks

  • Increased charges for residential delivery and extended area

  • Increased charges for delivery intercept and address correction

We want to work with our customers and make them aware of these changes and we want to ensure you that we are constantly working so that these rate increases affect our customers as little as possible. Some actions taken by Metrofuser include the following:

  • We are constantly and aggressively renegotiating with both Fedex and UPS to get the most competitive rates possible.

  • When you use Metrofuser's account to ship your packages we pass on our discounts to our customers. We only charge you what the carriers charge us. It is our pledge that we do not and will not uplift these charges or make money on shipping costs and we do not charge handling fees.

  • We are always redesigning our packaging to be as compact and safe as possible to minimize the impact of dimensional upcharges and surcharges.

Customers always have the option to utilize their own shipping account if their rates/discounts are better than ours.

Please contact your account manager or customer service manager with any questions or concerns at 908-245-2100. For more information on carrier rate increases, HERE is one article that covers a lot of the details.

Thank you for your continued support and business. Wishing you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2023!

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