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Review of The HP M601 M602 M603 Printer Fuser Maintenance Kit CF064-67901 RM1-8395 CE988-67914.

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Open Box Review of Metrofuser’s M601 M602 M603 printer fuser maintenance kit CF064-67901 RM1-8395 CE988-67914.


We are going to start off with the packaging

As you can see the M601 M602 M603 Fuser Maintenance Kit series fusers and kits are using our ProPak branded packaging, ProPak brand was developed to inspire confidence in technicians and HP printer users while communicating greater equity compared to traditional brown box packaging used by industry for years. As you can see the Non descriptive artwork promises to maintain anonymity for the installer and resellers.

These are Made In America- and TAA Compliant.

Its shipped in double boxed for extra protection. it has reduced diameter to minimize shipping cost, storage and transportation footprint. These series of fusers have the smallest dimensional footprint in the industry.

M601 M602 M603 Maintenance kits Are Available With Either OEM or compatible Rollers. Contents includes

  • 1 M601 M602 M603 RM1-8395 CE988-67914 Fuser

  • 2 RM1-0036 Rollers

  • 4 RM1-0037 Pickup rollers

  • 1 RM1-0699 Transfer Roller

  • M601 M602 M603 Maintenance-Fuser Installation Instructions

These kits come with Installation Instructions and are backed by Metrofuser's US based Tech Phone Support should you have and questions. In addition hosts online how to videos that provide additional tips and tricks to installation.

The fuser is sealed in a poly bag to protect it from dust and contaminates.

Custom engineered Mold endcaps are professional looking and reusable for core return

Delivery Guide damage is huge problem on these models so we have installed protective cardboard Insert.

Today's business M601 M602 M603 laser printers commonly operate between 40 to 60 pages per minute with duty cycles up to 250,000 pages per month. Between the heat, friction and pressure these devices and their fusers are pushed to their limits.

It is not uncommon for our fusers and kits to achieve 500,000 - 1 million page life cycle. To do that Metrofuser had to implement a number of engineering upgrades and we will cover a few of them.

Starting with Pre Production core Selection

Fusers are as only as good as the platform they’re built upon. Metrofuser rejects many New Build cores prior to rebuild.

Gear posts and weld tolerances are inspected. Frames are checked for alignment and OEM fasteners and fixture points are married throughout the rebuild process.

Only components that successfully pass the dimensional and functional tests can go into a metrofuser production process..

M601 M602 M603 Fuser Replacement Parts

Durable liquid injected molded rollers are used to assure “jam free” simplex and duplex printing. The rollers performs flawlessly across various types of media. The roller bushings are replaced 100% and jacketed with Teflon that resists abrasion and performs fluidly at the fuser’s high demand axis points.

One of the most important components to a M601 M602 M603 Fuser is the Film Sleeve. There are over 20 inherent properties in fuser film sleeves. specific gravity, temperature index, melting point and to many to mention that directly affect performance.

Films are so critical, we work invested hundred of hours working with the Rutgers School of Engineering to benchmark OEM films and isolated the correct parameters prior to selecting its manufacturer.

Taking a deeper dive into the M601 M602 M603 fixing film assembly, Metrofuser partnered with a specialty chemical manufacturer to develop various grease formulations with the goal of tuning the grease to last longer and perform better. The final grease formulation selected offers outstanding heat transfer while protecting the film from friction.

Just as important as the grease formulation is the application. While other manufactures switched to automated dispensing robots to lay down a thin bead of grease to cut costs. Metrofuser utilizes direct hand placement. Hand placement allows our technicians to direct the grease coating to the hottest points on the fixing film cradle for better image quality and durability.

Moving on to the Ceramic Heating Element

To address 50.x errors caused by ceramic heater elements, our fuser connectors are Z tied to reduce electrical arcing.

In addition Metrofuser utilizes a proprietary treatment process on the ceramic heating element that improves heat transfer consistency and image quality. The process allows the fuser to be forgiving when its used with the ever increasing and varying aftermarket toner particulate sizes.

Our engineers worked with a specialty manufacturer in the development of Thermo/Seal adhesive for the heating elements. Thermo/Seal has reduced the occurrence of 50 Service errors. Reducing these errors has meant fewer warranties and service company call backs.

Finally every part Metrofuser sells is tested live before it goes out the door. This includes a comprehensive testing multi page, simplex and duplex image quality tests with toner. The inspection covers for toner density and print defects, and toner adhesion.

Thanks for watching. We hope you enjoyed a detailed look into our M600 series HP fuser maintenance kit. We offer more step by step instructional videos on fuser, transfer belt and maintenance kit installation at on blog. Youtube users can visit Metrofuser channel please like and subscribe to get the latest updates.

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