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Make Sure You Are Not “Transferring” the Problem- Importance of HP Transfer Roller Replacement

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Critical Importance of HP Transfer Roller Replacement

Have you ever gone to get an oil change and told the techs not to change the oil filter, that you only want the oil replaced? Probably not.

Likewise, when you install a maintenance kit, you wouldn’t install just the fuser and the separation pad and leave out the transfer roller, would you?

Critical Importance of HP Transfer Roller Replacement
Critical Importance of HP Transfer Roller Replacement

While you might save money on spare parts in the short term, in the long run, the parts you didn’t replace will soon fail, costing you (and your customer) a return trip.

The parts inside a HP laser printer maintenance kits are designed to wear out at the same time.

At Metrofuser, we often see HP maintenance kits returned with the transfer rollers still in the box, un-opened. This creates a series of problems.

The laser printer's transfer roller is a critical part of the printing process and greatly impacts print quality. They’re made of a conductive foam material and have certain tolerances.

They need to work in conjunction with the toner cartridge to “transfer” toner to the paper. Like our oil change example above, the old filter may still clean the new oil for a while longer, but eventually, the dirt from the filter will hurt the overall engine quality.

Replace The Laser Printer Transfer Roller

The same goes for the transfer roller. For example, if you just replaced the toner cartridge, the old transfer roller may not be able to keep holding a charge against the brand new OPC drum inside the cartridge.

Or, you might run print tests prior to kit installation and get good results, and conclude that you don’t need to change the transfer roller. Soon after, when the image fails, you’re likely to point a finger at the fuser.

That’s because the printer fuser might be fusing a defective image. Once you change the transfer roller, you’ll find that the fuser problem goes away.

So even though the laser printer transfer roller doesn’t look old and worn out, like the oil change example above, not long after you leave, it will misfire.

Be sure to get your full money’s worth — change out ALL the components that come with your kit.

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