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HP Printer Support Solutions - 10 Questions To Prevent A Train Wreck

HP Printer Support

HP Printer Support Solutions

If your organization requires regular HP Printer Support, available resources can make or break your business.  Quality printer support can make all the difference in the world, but the absence of quality support can be disastrous.

The following questions can be used to assist in choosing a vendor for hp printer support or to evaluate how your current method stacks up against existing options.

Is It Available? - Is this type of support offered by the vendor or are you on your own?  In most cases sources like Amazon, CDW, Staples, eBay and others offer little or no help with the exception of returns.

Online Only? Online support is a great option for common issues and FAQs.  Does your current solution allow you to speak with a human resource or are you routed to an online knowledge base with no recourse?

Are They Based in USA- We have all dealt with overseas tech support and know the frustrations when dealing with language barriers or time zone differences.  Press "1" for English.

What Tier Is The Vendor's HP Printer Support Capabilities- Every company defines the level of HP Printer Support differently. For the purpose of the article lets define them as follows;

  • Tier 1- Trouble shooting toner cartridge problems and basic image defects.

  • Tier 2 -Basic Maintenance kit replacement and solutions to the most common problems.

  • Tier 3 -Full technical diagnosis down to every sub assembly in the HP laser printer.

Triage or Post Purchase? - Do they offer both triage and post sale access for HP Printer Support?  Companies engage in a triage option as a way to reduce call backs.  Many service companies are using it as an extension of their company prior to going out on site.

Other Helpful Resources

Accessibility? - Do you have to go through a phone tree or multiple phone transfers?  Good printer technical support should get you to the point of contact no more than 2 deep

Is It The Right Size For Your Needs?. Is it run like a call center where you have to explain the problem over and over or if necessary can you reach the same person that helped you the first time?

Call Logging? - Does the vendor that supplies the HP Printer Support maintain a database on your calls so they can quickly refer back to prior parts replaced and troubleshooting narrative?

Level of Experience?  Who are the printer support people?  Have they ever done field support or are they depot technicians?  How many years of experience do they have on HP printers?  Do they continue to work on printers regularly or are they retired technicians?

Free or Fee? - Is the HP printer support fee based on business relationship?  In many cases if your organization purchases $500 or more a month you should be able to obtain the very best tier 3 printer support for free.

Will DeMuth helps printer service organizations maximize service costs and reduce call backs through product placement, training, and advisory services. Will has 20+ years of product leadership experience and is part of the greatest operational team in the industry. His company Metrofuser has been honored with 20+ Leadership and Industry Awards.


Metrofuser is a leading global innovator, manufacturer of printer parts, equipment, diagnostics, repair information and systems solutions for professional users performing critical tasks. Products and services include hp printer parts, printers and printer repair training. Parts include hp printer parts such as printer fusers, printer maintenance kits and other hp printer replacement parts. The company's, customers include office equipment dealerships, online retailers, repair centers and MPS service providers nationwide. Metrofuser has been named to Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies five consecutive years. 


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