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HP P3015 P3010 Printer 50 Service Error Code

Updated: May 8, 2019

50 Service Error on The HP P3015

The 50.x error – is always fuser-related, and is usually fixed by replacing the fuser. However, there have been several cases in which a HP P3015 printer had a 50.3 error that was caused by a stuck swing gear in the fuser drive area.

HP P3015 P3010 Printer 50 Service Error Code
HP P3015 P3010 Printer 50 Service Error Code

This printer repair procedure these models:

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015 Printer

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015d Printer

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015dn Printer

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise P3015x Printer

One possibility is that when this gear is stuck in position in the Laser Printer. The fuser overheats because the film isn’t turning. This gear and arm are not available, but it is usually possible to manipulate the gear and release it from the locked position it was in.

You can try adding small amount of printer oil on the pivot point of the swing arm.

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